Name: Nia Masozi

Age: 24

Powers: (intial) enhanced senses, agility, balance, flexibility, stealth & claw/teeth retraction; (eventually) full feline form, feline manipulation & communication (ultimately) a bunch of cat mythos stuff I'll sort out later

General Characteristics

Name: Nia Masozi
Pronunciation: Knee-uh Muh-so-zee
Name Meaning: Nia means “purpose.” Masozi means “tears.”
Alternate Forms: Nia has the ability to take on physical features of felines to a certain degree, with training and concentration she can take on the full form of any animal feline family.
Personal Characteristics

Birth Day: 04/27
Birth Name: Nia Masozi
Birth Place: Cape Town, Africa
Birth Weight: 5 lbs 3 oz
Birth Length: 21 in

Primary Objective: Nia is on a mission to find out who’s responsible for giving her these abilities.
Secondary Objectives: During the down time in between her chasing after the CLAWED faculty, Nia’s trying to find out what happened to her parents and why.
Priorities: After having her childhood ripped away from her, she hasn’t had much time to think of what she wants to do with her life.
Motivation: The tragedies that have taken place in Nia’s life are what motivate her to do what she does.
Accomplishments: She’s received the equivalent of a high school education and two years of college. She’s survived 10 years of captivity, rigorous body conditioning and combat training.
Greatest Achievement: Nia takes the most pride in the fact that she escaped the CLAWED facility, alive. She’s made a new life for herself and is starting to remember what happy feels like.
Failures: She feels completely responsible for losing her younger brother on the day she was kidnapped. She even feels responsible for her kidnapping.
Self-Confidence: After a decade in captivity, Nia has definitely come back strong and extremely confident.
Traumas: Well seeing as how she was in a church bombing, saw her parents die in front of her, lost her brother, got kidnapped, and saw numerous tragedies take place in captivity.
Embarrassments: Her level of self-confidence keeps her from being embarrassed for the most part.
Worries: One thing that worries her most is that little voice in her head that says she may never be able to take down those responsible for all the pain that has happened to her.
Soothers: A warm glass of milk, chocolate, and or a calming bath.
Instigators: Nia still has issues with going into churches, needles, and doctors.

Wishes: She wishes that all of this never would’ve happened.
Regrets: Her biggest regret would probably be not trying to break out of the compound before.
Secrets: If I told you, I’d have to kill you.
Soft Spots: She’s always had a soft spot for children, always willing to go out her way to help.
Cruel Streaks: When it comes to those who inflicted all that pain on her at the compound, Nia will always return it back to them ten-fold when she encounters them.

Quirks: She can’t sleep without some sort of sound or noise going on.
Dominant Hand: She’s left-handed.

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