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Age: 34

Weapons/Powers: Katana that can transform into giant Daizengar Sword., He controls the element lightning/thunder.

Mecha Name: Daizengar (Dynamic General Guardian)

Mecha Weaponns: Dynamic Knuckle (ダイナミック・ナックル, Dainamikku Nakkuru)
The arms can be launched from the base of the elbow to act as a mid-ranged weapon.

General Blaster (ゼネラル・ブラスター, Zeneraru Burasutā)
The two circular shoulder plates can fire energy beams.

Guardian Sword (ガーディアンズ・ソード, Gādianzu Sōdo)
A smaller sword apparently mounted in one of the General Guardian's shins that can be used for close-range combat.


Zankantōu Denkōsekka (斬艦刀・電光石火)
Sanger uses the Zankantou in its base form with a swift swipe in the air to create a strong enough wind to cut the enemy.

Zankantōu Daisharin (斬艦刀・大車輪)
Sanger uses the liquid memory metal to enlarge the Zankantou into a larger kukri-like blade. It then throw it as if it were a boomerang.

Zankantōu Gakai (斬艦刀・牙壊)
Using the Zankantou in its base form, Sanger rushes past an opponent and slashes them with one swift stroke.

Zankantōu Raikō Giri (斬艦刀・雷光斬り)
Sanger enlarges the Zankantou into a large broadsword. It then uses it to perform a giant vertical strike from below the opponent and then performing a swift horizontal strike so fast that it is almost invisible to the human eye. In Original Generations, Sanger would perform a series of slashes, before ending with a clean, vertical cut. This attack is also called the Zankantōu Shippu Jinrai.

Zankantōu Un'yō no Tachi (斬艦刀・雲燿の太刀)
Sanger enlarges the Zankantou to such a point that it's almost too large for the arms to even handle. Sanger lifts the weapon high above the head of the Dygenguard and proceeds to take to the sky. The Dygenguard drops down with a single bisecting slash as a finishing attack.

Tatsumaki Zankantōu Ikkitōsen (竜巻斬艦刀・逸騎刀閃)
An overwhelmingly powerful combination attack between the Dygenguard and the Aussenseiter. Rätsel transforms the Aussenseiter to its Pferde (German for Equidae) Mode and lets Sanger's Dygenguard ride it. Riding towards the enemy as a mecha-scale samurai on horseback, Sanger then strikes with the Zankantou in a high-speed horizontal slash, then either cleaves the enemy vertically afterwards (Original Generation 2 version) or spins the Zankantou very rapidly to generate a whirlwind that carries the bisected enemy mecha up into the air to explode (Alpha 3 version) before adding a final horizontal slash upon the enemy (Original Generations version). During this attack, the Dygenguard wears the Aussenseiter's cape on its back.

Bio/History: A mysterious man. He earned the title name General Gazaki Daizengar cause of the way he killed people and earned the title nick name: "The Sword that Cleaves Evil". Not much is known about his past except he used to work for a enemy faction that brain washed his mind and made him an enemy of another side faction while he was in another city. That city got englufed in flames and he realized the error of his ways and broked free from imprisonment from being controlled by the enemy side faction and disappeared. Now he wanders the area of Steam Dent City, where he found a little girl named Miko who he took care of and then she got killed by an unknown attack and buried her in the snow and placed a white teddy bear he made for her over her grave. He stares at the teddy bear which was covered in blood, and swore vengence against the ones who slained her. The little girl was his niece... and now he wanders the city as a loner searching to redeem himself under a curse he had ever since... He is the pilot of the great Dynamic General Guardian named Daizengar.

Played By: General Gazaki Daizengar


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