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Reoite Gealach Report | 11/23/2015 5:18 am
Reoite Gealach
Old Account - Enigmatic Malady - O w l - C h a n - Zilvda - I forget the rest lol.
Reoite Gealach Report | 11/13/2015 6:41 pm
Reoite Gealach
Anjel... It's Danie.. I told you I had to move accounts because I was being harassed.. I needed a new start...
Reoite Gealach Report | 11/13/2015 2:58 am
Reoite Gealach
Maybe when my internet is fking up, we should try and hang out on towns again.
Love ya, missed talking to you, was good showing the memories again.
I'll talk to you later, you have a wonderful day (or evening, I forget the times haha).
Jellyfish Alien Report | 12/17/2014 9:24 pm
Jellyfish Alien
-Reminisces huskily with Gemini at a bar-....
kawaii buttholes Report | 12/17/2014 8:11 pm
kawaii buttholes
hey c:
what's up?
Jellyfish Alien Report | 12/16/2014 6:19 am
Jellyfish Alien
Weren't those just the days? ; ~;
Jellyfish Alien Report | 12/16/2014 5:59 am
Jellyfish Alien
Someone who remembers Meebo? Wat.
kawaii buttholes Report | 12/11/2014 8:09 am
kawaii buttholes
gemini i was wondering if you could help me with something ; u ;
just some tips on how to draw hair
Baal Beelzebub Report | 12/01/2014 3:31 am
Baal Beelzebub
Pssssst~ I got something to tell you~
peanut butter and apples Report | 11/30/2014 3:40 pm
peanut butter and apples
Silly question, but is your username referring to the band, Gemini Syndrome? cool

Art Freebies Lurker & Art Auctioneer.

[ RL Commissions Info ] [ DeviantArt ]

Well, aren't YOU curious.

Unfortunately, I have been long inactive in this site after seeing friends move on to newer things. Luckily, I managed to attach myself to wherever they're going with Skype. But, you'll see me coming back for the rarest occasions and especially when I'm bored then I lurk at Art Freebies most of the time.

Oh yes.
A few things about myself:

I'm currently 21 years old.
My sexuality only lingers around the lines of "Eyebrows"--- My heart had been stricken by Arthur Kirkland and still have no idea how to shake my obsessions off. Kidding aside, you'd have to figure that out by yourself.
I consider myself an old face, being around since 2008.
And yes, I'm a Gemini, hence my user.

I have an ample amount of interests but seem to fail keeping up with everything. Drawing, drawing, and drawing are only the few I manage. And maybe if I weren't too anxious about RPing, then yeah I do that too.

I'm always up for RL Commissions.
If anything I make interests you, you're more than welcome to check out My DeviantArt but it's only filled with my OCs so there's also Non Updated Tumblr for my older Art.

Current Thoughts

My mind has been so chaotic that I can't think straight or focus on anything important. How else could I help myself when neither can I focus on that as well? Ugh, my brain's a troll.

Curious Characters