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Hi I'm Geminai! I respond pretty well to Gem. It's a name I've had online since I was 14. I'm 28 now.

I like helping others with information if I can. I like steering them in the right direction. I have hobbies online of making avatars I like both here on Gaia and in other environments.

I have a partner named Brach. I'm practically Married to him, and I married him here on Gaia as soon as that feature went live. We've been together for over 5 years now I think. We lost track after a while. We've been living together offline for over 4 of those years.
The baby paw thing is completely influenced by him. I created the "Baby Paw Dress Up Medal" for the Animal base here on Gaia!
Following that, I also brought "[Animal] Sinful Baby Paw" to Gaia!

Hmm... I guess that's it for now.

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Skunky by Fixing, Dark Eevee(s) by Bunny-Lolita-Chan

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Artwork by Nibbens during the Summer Event while I was sporting a Sugilite Look.

Info about [Animal] Sinful Baby Paw

User Image [Animal] Sinful Baby Paw
The item was submitted at the beginning of September 2016 and released November 19th 2016 (just in time for my birthday).

I openly invite users to recolor my fur as they wish, at their own cost (buy your own ticket), with no compensation to me (I don't think Gaia would allow that anyways!) I personally do not have any plans to recolor my fur in the future after the LQI cooldown period ends.


If you do choose to recolor the item, enjoy it! Make it for you! That's what I was doing heart
If you do recolor it, feel free to share a copy of the recolor with me if you have one to spare! I'd love to own one, but once again I'm not entitled to one. If you recolor it, it's all yours.