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Gender: Male

Location: Wasteland, USA

Occupation: Human Disaster


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*with multiple long hiatuses and one account move in 2008.

P.S. if you call yourself transgender without experiencing gender dysphoria (i.e. significant dysphoria [dissatisfaction, discomfort, disconnect, unease] with one's biological sex and/or primary/secondary sex characteristics), i will crawl through your bedroom window at night and steal your kidneys for appropriating an emotionally and physically exhausting, life-threatening medical condition.
being trans is not and never will be: a political statement (i.e. rejecting being cisgender as a way to fight "the cisheteronormative system" ), a trendy fashion statement (i.e. appropriating a medical condition [the definition of ableism] and saying that one can be transgender without gender dysphoria), a social construct as defined by feminists (i.e. saying that one's gender identity is not biologically innate and actually formed by personal interpretations of sociocultural gender norms and stereotypes, which has been proven false with brain scans and studies that show differences in the white and gray matter of transgender brains), a fetish (i.e. trans men are not cuntboys and trans women are not dickgirls or shemales that exist solely for sexual objectification), or a sexual perversion (i.e. transvestic fetishism).


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alien women only

i'm the kind of guy who eats cat treats for science