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What is in her signature?

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I drew it. Just FYI.


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ii_Rawr_Nikki Report | 07/02/2009 8:10 am
Thanks for buying!
Zukuro Honmewn Blackfire Report | 08/19/2007 9:53 am
Zukuro Honmewn Blackfire
Jesus! I found your scooter! It was behind the sports rack. Just come and get it once you come back!
Jesus Pancake Report | 07/31/2007 6:03 pm
Jesus Pancake
Is my Scooter at your House? Because Erin said it wasn't and that she saw me Ride it out, But She was in the Basement when I went home..
Nero Crimson Report | 06/21/2007 4:51 am
Nero Crimson
In-w-bullets-out-w-blood Report | 06/09/2007 12:57 pm
Cute avi. <333
Angel Yamato Report | 05/08/2007 3:24 pm
Angel Yamato
Your love is mine for the taking
"Hey, can I ask you something in the pms with you? If you get this comment."

My love is just waiting to turn your tears to roses
[ Lost . Soul ] Report | 04/22/2007 6:21 pm
[ Lost . Soul ]
Hi there, how are you?
ferbsy Report | 03/16/2007 3:42 pm
Lol, what's with the hair?
Jesus Pancake Report | 02/15/2007 8:52 am
Jesus Pancake
I Dun Like the Water Meats >:U
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Anyway, Happy V-Day!
.Nyan.Nyan.Chan. Report | 12/09/2006 8:45 pm
Rawr! domokun

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About Katt

Name: Katt
Age: Who cares?
Race: Indian, Polish, Irish, and English.
Hair Color: Dark Brown and Gold.
Eye Color: Light Brown
Skin Tone: Tan-ish
Height: 5'6''-ish
Favorite Color: Off-white
Favorite Song: Switchfoot - We were mean to live
Favorite Band: Evanescence
Favorite Food: Cemoi Truffles
Pets?: Yes, a guinea pig.
Obbsession: Sadly, it's chapstick. I like my lips to feel moisturized or I go insane. ._.
Drawing Style: Realism and Anime
Favorite Show: Heroes
Siblings?: Yes, a brother and a sister. Sister, Erin: Zukuro Honmewn Blackfire. Brother, Nick: thespongyroom.
Favorite Image: The Hamtaro. ^^
To sum it up: I'm nice and kind of caring, and I have his strange desire to have a prosthetic leg, the amputation being below the knee. But then again, I only want one because it looks cool, not because I'm psychotic or anything, even though Googlism says I am...
P.S. For serious, I want to keep my leg, kthnxbai. talk2hand
Zukuro Honmewn Blackfire
Jesus Pancake

The Sister. ;D

Ah, the expression of
young love~!
It never
lasts, though.

The Best Friend Thing. ^^~!

You should be proud that you have entered this profile.

The Brother! ^^