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Joined gaia back in high school. Haven't been on this site seriously since my sophomore year in college. So many memories here...

Best Gaia Memories:

SlutBox: "Why sankyoo miss smoo! Your avi is also made of hot wonderful sex! >:0 "

Yuki: "...*voice trails off*....D< Holy freaking fooooook!!!! "

Razu: " smilies/icon_scream.gif how dare you interrupt razu?! "
Winter Serenata: "lol, technically you stole my offering to the altar of Smoo's thread. smilies/icon_gonk.gif "

purplenailpolish_fairy: "Holyshit my a** just fell. Dear Smoo, you rock a**."

Razu: "Fea : "noms on corner of thread."
Smoo: "*peeks around the corner* Miss Fea are you noming the thread? D8 "
Razu: "ah ha !" [Insert picture of Fea with caption "Smoo's thread is not food."]

Fea: "HALLO.
Thank you, that is all."

Yuki: "xD Dream you violent opposed to violent real you?"

Fea: "My nose has been thoroughly sexed today. It's nosegasiming."

Erik: "GUYS. WHY IS MY BUTT SO ITCHY? smilies/icon_gonk.gif I bet it's Razu's fault. >:l "
Razu: "Whaaat ? ! D< You baby killing cannibalistic PANTS ON FIRE ERIK ! -shoves you back inside the jar- Hello everybody 8D nice weather today, yes ~"

Razu: "So many mental images from smoo-land now ~
bubblegum toots
& now, our latest edition !
Fea Line breathing via tooter 8D"

Smoo:"xD I haz butterflies..."
Fea:"Awwww.....I haz a net. 8D"

Fea:"I'm a little tea pot..."
Fea:"O___O wow. lol."
Smoo:"xDD I'm a vending machine. Skip the tea pot."
Fea:"wtf. Can I be a microwave then? HOSHIT. popcorn. That's what I need."

Fea:"Give me a name for a mean Chiuahua."
Smoo:"D< Nasty little swamp infested rat with bulging eyes."
Fea:"LMFAO I LOVE YOU <3 Don Juan La Rata Terrible. That's his name, hes a bad guy."

Niatsu: "Smoo is the square root of awesome."

Fea: "Oh but of course... Her Smooey goodness is as a sweet summer whine poured into a crystal glass placed next to a bed of roses where a steaming hunk of Manwomen sleeps, nestled into the petals of a thousand kisses."
Pit: "It's wine, not whine. Whine is what little kiddies do when they don't get their way and their parents don't know how to raise children so they either ignore it or give in to it and the child ends up running the parents life."
Fea: "wtfever, so I can't spell, sue me >__>;;; "

Fea: "Twinkle twinkle little bat...
How I wonder what your at.
Up above the world you fly...
Like a tea tray in the sky.
Twinkle twinkle twinkle twinkle twinkle twinkle twinkle...."

Pit: "I wouldn't mind having Panda-angel Pit back, though."
Fea: "I read pregnant angel pit and I was about to question your sanity."
Razu: "lmao who impregnated Pit ?!"

Yu: "You can't see the tiger because it's crouching. You can't see the dragon because it's hidden. And you can't see the wind, because it's BROKEN!"


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hi im tools Report | 04/03/2014 10:24 pm
hi im tools
tired af rn tbh smile
hi im tools Report | 03/30/2014 4:29 pm
hi im tools
i may be getting out of the military later this year, but not certain
other than that nah nothing new tbh lol
hi im tools Report | 03/30/2014 1:39 pm
hi im tools
im excited for you!
cali is a fun place good luck
Fraulein Flustern Report | 03/30/2014 10:46 am
Fraulein Flustern
hi im tools Report | 03/30/2014 7:49 am
hi im tools
i love socal, but its def more expensive
stay away from la tho
other than that cali is gr8
hi im tools Report | 03/30/2014 7:18 am
hi im tools
what city?
my sister lives in san diego
Fraulein Flustern Report | 03/30/2014 3:28 am
Fraulein Flustern
Exactly. It's a niche that isn't already being done by a billion other people so I could potentially create a decent market for myself.
If it goes well I'll have to figure out something to add to it to make it special and I could make ones for you, me, Fea, and Yuki! Friendship necklacessssss~
hi im tools Report | 03/29/2014 5:51 am
hi im tools
cali is the best state there is tbh
i mean besides the drought, its a bomb a** place to live
Robotic Dream Weaver Report | 03/29/2014 2:06 am
Robotic Dream Weaver
Ahhh thank you! <3
Glitter makes everything better wink
I like yours as well, it's very... cosmic *___*
Fea Line Report | 03/28/2014 11:46 pm
Fea Line
I'm sorry i totally derpfailed at replying back to you rofl
But i was browsing my profile and saw yer avy, it is sex on a stick muh dear!
And thanks for the good luck and advice, I'll have to remember it x3 I haven't yet touched my app again.... been.. eh.. lazy >,> ROFL And also busy. I have to hurry and buy some last minute things for Mogi's wedding, like my boots and undergarb for my dress so I can try it on and have her seamstress take measurements to fix anything thats gonna not fit well... like the boob area cause srs the boob fairy skipped me on her trip across the world... ROFL.



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