What the gay african mammoth say

Alright first thing's first, boys put your boners away...cuz I'm a guy. But also leave them out, because I'm into guys. That's right, sorry ladies. Pack up your vaginas and hit the brix...then come back, because I'm also into you. Bisexuality is neat.

I'm mostly what you'd expect every other s**t fly who buzzes around here to be, a gamer. I do some writing and art, but I mostly game. I love hard games and games with heavy narrative, das dat s**t I do like.

I spend most of my time playing league of legends, dark souls, and counseling lonely women on how to get through their emotional end times as well as how to tap into the inner power of the uterus. Not much else to say about myself, I'm pretty friendly so feel free to say ello.