Oh my god, this bio is outdated by over two years. smilies/icon_scream.gif

My name is Gatta and I live in a small town in Virginia, but I also attend Longwood University. I'm in my 3rd year of college and am an English education major. My dream is to become an awesome English teacher. Perhaps it isn't a super lofty goal, but my job will make a difference and I have a passion for it.

My friends, family, boyfriend, and schoolwork pretty much make up my life, so pardon me if there isn't much activity going on around here. I loved Gaia at one point in my life and it still has a fun nostalgia factor, but I just don't have the time to get as dedicated as I once was.

Despite that, I still have several good online friends here and can't bring myself to leave the site.

There isn't too much to say, but I can say that the list of bands in my interests is maybe 4 out of literally tens to hundreds of bands that I enjoy. And as for the books, I refuse to play favorites because I love so many. Music and books make up my life, basically. I listen to music, I have trained myself to sing, and I collect CDs. I also have a dream to one day have a house with a personal library.

Anyway, enjoy your time here and sorry I'm not too interesting on Gaia anymore XD


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Gatta's Journal

If you read this, you can see art, advertisements, updates on my life, whatever... I write about different things at different times, so keep checking back!



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Mira Andrews

Report | 06/28/2015 3:40 pm

Mira Andrews

Not that you'll see this here, but happy wedding day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heart heart heart heart
dragon quest

Report | 12/01/2012 10:09 pm

dragon quest

looking good! have a great Christmas!

Report | 02/18/2012 8:44 pm


HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIREL!!!!! heart heart
fuzzie wumpkins

Report | 12/19/2010 11:00 am

fuzzie wumpkins

thank you for buying, happy holidays.
dragon quest

Report | 01/05/2010 7:48 pm

dragon quest

Hello...hope you have a great year this year....

Report | 06/07/2009 10:45 pm


Aww, look at you all dressed up for graduation. Congrats! User Image
Lady Cres

Report | 05/09/2009 6:36 pm

Lady Cres

Hehe, thanks Gatta. xP

The guild has been so empty lately... I was thinking about doing a stimulus bonanza... just for fun. xP

Kind of like how the government is trying to revive the economy, only to... revive the guild. What do you think?

Also... read Beastly and Scribbler of Dreams. AWESOME books.
Beastly's beauty and the beast... from the beast's point of view. And Scribbler of dreams is a modern day romeo and juliet. xP
I've been doing a lot of reading lately... sweatdrop
dragon quest

Report | 03/16/2009 1:52 pm

dragon quest

good grief! look at your avie! amazing stuff, I'm impressed!!! I hope you are doing well and life is good to you.

HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY!!!!! biggrin heart
Insane and Eccentric

Report | 03/15/2009 9:30 am

Insane and Eccentric

Thanks for buying.
You bought:
Taiichi Kuribayashi

Report | 03/10/2009 4:06 pm

Taiichi Kuribayashi

??still irate, huh??


Married as of 6/28/15 smilies/icon_biggrin.gif