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Guin - Aoiichi Report | 10/21/2014 2:41 pm
Try : "Tui Gratia Jovis Gratia Sit Cura!" sweatdrop
Platonix Report | 10/13/2014 5:49 pm
I'm not convinced yet that it'll stick around for long, but I suppose it wouldn't cost me anything to go ahead and start archiving.
Felis Hircus Report | 10/07/2014 8:01 pm
And I have deconstructed Gaia games but the backend has proven too much for me to understand. Alas. I am but a novice front end designer with no understanding of networking related programming. gonk
Felis Hircus Report | 10/07/2014 7:59 pm
Ugh! No thanks. Expecting them to respond itself would be too much. Let alone expecting them to help. Mav is the only dev I know who'll actually give you the time of the day. Too bad he's an artist though. xp

In any case, my project will be ready soonish but since you're not on skype I would also have to create a tutorial before I can share it with people here on Gaia. surprised
Felis Hircus Report | 10/05/2014 9:49 am
Oh, ah. Well. I happen to be working on a "project" and I was hoping for a way to let Gaians "interact" with this project using their currently equipped avys. Only one problem though. I do not know the code that displays your avy in for example "a flash space". Closest I've gotten to is something that people sometimes put on their profiles. -> But this won't fly with flash since flash requires set images, not links. I was wondering if you'd know something about it. I was actually planning on contacting tekton(creator of tektek) about it but I changed my mind. Problem is that knowing the code would present it's own complications(such as how to deal with non-human avys etc), so I'm putting this on hold and continuing on with my stock avys. xp
Kitten-Senpai Report | 10/04/2014 8:40 am
>> Thanks for buying! << gaia_angelleft gaia_gaiagold gaia_angelright
Felis Hircus Report | 10/03/2014 7:25 pm
We will have to replace all the NPCS in zOMG! You've already taken the first step by multitasking as a gnome and a Barton soldier. 3nodding
Felis Hircus Report | 10/02/2014 8:52 pm
I believe you're right. I even did the math. Assuming you have enough stam for using a 100 attacks, and that there are 3 to 4 attack rings here but we're reserving the rage for hack attacks, and that one rage bar fills up every 5 attacks. So that gives you 20 r2 attacks that you can perform or 6-7 r4 attacks. surprised

That's 180x80(r1) + 240x20!r2) = 19200 worth of damage for r2s and 180x93(r1) + 500x7(r4) = 20240 worth of damage for r4s. I guess I didnt realize that r4 attacks do more than double the damage that r2 attacks do. gonk
Felis Hircus Report | 10/02/2014 9:27 am
Hmmm... o 3o
Felis Hircus Report | 09/30/2014 9:02 pm
How do you figure? Are you implying that the time it takes to hold down the attack to charge an r4 attack somehow gives enough stam regen time that it'd be more efficient than using r2 attacks?

But for every r4 attack, you'd be using nothing but r1 attacks the remaining time until it's charged up again. You'd be able to use far less r4 attacks then before you run out of stam. Better a whole lot more r2 attacks instead.


2013_07_11 - Eh, won't update this anymore. Sorry to all who cared x P
2013_06_17 - Enchanted Who'doneit Trunk
2013_06_15 - Pink Link
2013_05_25 - Pink Link
2013_04_27 - Pink Link
2013_04_21 - Pink Link
2013_04_12 - Brown Magical Giftbawx
2013_04_10 - Enchanted Who'doneit Trunk
2013_03_20 - Pink Link
2013_03_07 - Enchanted Wooden Trunk
2013_03_02 - Blue Magical Giftbox
2013_02_22 - Pink Link
2013_02_17 - Enchanted Wooden Trunk
2013_02_12 - Enchanted Golden Trunk
2013_01_24 - Pink Magical Giftbox
2013_01_16 - Brown Magical Giftbox
2013_01_10 - Brown Magical Giftbox
2013_01_04 - Pink Link
2012_12_28 - Enchanted Wooden Trunk
2012_12_19 - Pink Link
2012_12_14 - Enchanted Golden Trunk
2012_12_07 - Pink Magical Giftbox
2012_12_04 - Pink Link
2012_11_22 - Enchanted Wooden Trunk
2012_11_15 - Enchanted Wooden Trunk
2012_11_05 - Enchanted Wooden Trunk
2012_10_29 - Enchanted Wooden Trunk
2012_10_24 - Tutu the cat ...???
2012_10_17 - Pink Magical Giftbox
2012_10_08 - Enchanted Wooden Trunk
2012_10_06 - Pink Magical Giftbox
2012_10_01 - Enchanted Wooden Trunk
2012_09_22 - Blue Magical Giftbox
2012_09_08 - Pink Link
2012_08_17 - Pink Link
2012_08_05 - Blue Magical Giftbox
2012_07_26 - Pink Magical Giftbox
2012_07_17 - Pink Magical Giftbox
2012_07_14 - Enchanted Wooden Trunk
2012_05_02 - Pink Magical Giftbox
2012_03_28 - Enchanted Wooden Trunk
2012_03_21 - Enchanted Golden Trunk
2012_03_08 - Brown Gift Box
2012_03_02 - Enchanted Golden Trunk
2012_02_2? - Enchanted Golden Trunk - Before Fev 25
2012_02_21 - Pink Link
2012_02_07 - Pink Link
2012_01_29 - Pink Link
2012_01_14 - Pink Link
2012_01_07 - Brown Trunk
2012_01_06 - Pink Link
2011_12_24 - Pink Link
2011_12_21 - Brown Trunk
2011_12_07 - Pink Link

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Rings, Glitches, and Integrity

Greetings zOMG community!

As everyone knows, the intended maximum level for the game is 10 both for players and rings. Unfortunately, we've had a couple glitches in the game which, when combined, allowed players to gain access to rings which were not intended to exist. Using these glitches also allowed these players to exceed the maximum intended overall level or reach level 10 with some extra powerful rings and a level 1 fleet feet, etc. Lamentably, we've been incredibly short on resources and haven't had any development time to patch up the glitches. Fortunately very few players took advantage of these glitches to illicitly gain such rings. Still, we're sad if even one person is taking advantage of these glitches and gaining access to something illegitimate. We, as designers of the game, feel that this is not honest or fair behavior.

In addition, players who can instantly reach any level up to 18 have the ability to bypass any future content we create. This is a tremendous obstacle to new areas and new encounters. There's no way to balance a level 12 zone if people can start directly at level 12 rather than working their way through the zone. Thus, for game balance reasons as well as glitch exploitation, a remedy was necessary.

Various measures were discussed including banning accounts or removal of gold, total charge, orb, and loot gains made while in possession of illegitimate rings. We settled on a very lenient policy of allowing almost everyone who has exploited the glitches to keep their account and all gains from these rings except for the rings themselves. We've taken the following steps:

•The glitches that we know of to get rings over level 10 have been fixed

•Rings which have been gained illegitimately have been removed

•All those who were in possession of an illegitimate ring have been granted a new level 1 ring: Abuse Ring

•All those who had at least one level 10 ring but were not in possession of an illegitimate ring have been granted a new level 1 ring: Integrity Ring

Once again, I'm glad to say that only a very small percentage of the zOMG community engaged in the dubious behavior of gaining rings over level 10. We're proud that the community as a whole share our goals of a fun and fair game. We hope that you all enjoy the new Integrity ring. And to everyone: we're already in the testing phase of the new area so hold tight. Deadman's Shadow is approaching!



11/24/02 - I'm now 26 years old -Mark
Old stuff: / In a week: 15h35min of play in 23 sessions/ ~40min39sec per session
GIM was out for 5h14min / ~13min39sec per session
representing 34% of the time and generaly starting 15-20min after the start.
GIM out=Lag hell and I might lag without GIM being out D: /
This was back in June 2009.



Wed Jun 22, 2005

Miss Victoria


Once Upon A December Wrote:
I'm turning 15 in 19 days.

168 Tue Jun 28, 2005 11:03 pm


SOFTWARE ENGINEER – SOCIAL GAMESWe are looking for a highly motivated individual with a passion for building products that delight players. Here’s your opportunity to put your passion to work with our world-class engineers and the awesome creative team that put Gaia Online on the map: help us take Gaia Online from the world’s largest forum community to a multi-platform social gaming powerhouse! Gaia Online is looking for a Software Engineer to help build leading social games for a variety of platforms, including both mobile and Facebook. Ideal candidates will have experience in building casual, free-to-play games, and some experience with game design practices and overall game development would be a plus. This is a regular, full-time position located in San Jose near the airport and includes a competitive base salary, stock options, and a generous full benefits package, plus cool stuff like lunch every day, family-friendly atmosphere, and foosball.

Job Summary
The Software Engineer will be responsible for creating top quality PHP based online games

Responsibilities and Requirements
• B.S. in Computer Science or related field
• 2 years experience with Object Oriented PHP and web development
• 2 years of experience with MySQL, including database design
• Proficiency with HTML, CSS best practices, Javascript
• Ability to work well under pressure and with little supervision
• Excellent troubleshooting and problem solving skills
• Great communication and interpersonal skills a must
• Knowledge and passion for interactive entertainment and games is preferred
• Familiar with Linux
• Experience building for the Facebook platform is a plus
• Familiarity with AJAX a plus