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- Sex: Male
- Age: 19
- Height: About 5'8'
- Sexual Orientation: Gay
- Body Type: About Average
- Status: Still Single
- Likes: GUY'S, Music( Electronic and Dance), Nature, Animals(Adore swans and dears), Fasionable clothing, stargazing, Morning Breezes, Oranges, Crispy Chicken Wraps, Golden Objects, Favorite colors are Yellow, Orange( Anything to do with Autumn), Pokemon( Especially Gardevoir etc.
- Dislikes: SPIDERS, Garbage, Haters, Frizzy Hair, Remembering High School, Bugs( My ultimate weakness), Fatty Foods( Quarter Pounders, Cheese burgers, etc), Animal abuse, BULLIES ESPECIALLY, Imaturity, Irisponsible People, Slave Drivers!!!

Don't Know what else to put down, but If you want to ask me anything, Please Feel Free to Message or comment me!smilies/icon_biggrin.gif



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Birthday: 02/25