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Name: Pablo smilies/icon_heart.gif
Age: 20 smilies/icon_stare.gif
B-Day: July 30
Gender: Guy
Hobby: Drawing, listening 2 music, and making stories
Fav. Color: Red
Interests: Anime, Games, and Music
Extra: A fellow common cosplayer in Gaia that will dress any character I truly love and loving artist who strives to be a well known artist in the future. I'm uber fun when you get to know me smilies/icon_3nodding.gif I'm commonly seen here on Gaia or on DeviantArt uploading art and talking to friends, and sometimes on Omegle since who doesn't have fun on that website? smilies/icon_xd.gif I'm a crazy lil ginger with no soul lol I'm not ginger I just say that since I have red hair and white skin since all my friends call me that and make fun of me. Well I don't know what else to say so hopefully you enjoy my company since I am a true friend who keeps a few friends to show I care about people not like the people who have 5,000 friends but hopefully you enjoy that along with my profile u can stalk, if you want to know more just talk to me~ smilies/icon_heart.gif


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Voiceless Reverie
Thanks!! ^^~
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Thanks for your kind comment on the avatar arena!
It's all good fun~
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Kamira Marno
-Licks- >w<
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Sly Valicanth
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The Governor of Woodbury
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1-800 Lavalife
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******** thats big

Eevee~ (▰˘◡˘▰)

Game: Pokémon
Pokédex: A rare Pokémon that adapts to harsh environments by taking on different evolutionary forms.
Height: 1'00" Weight: 14.3 lbs

My common cosplay you will all see and yet to be my favorite cosplay. I do love pokemon just like every other person and yet eevee is my #1 favorite pokemon, not best in choice in fighting but the cutest with amazing choice evolution choices aka the "Eeveelution".

Professor Sycamore (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

Game and Show: Pokémon X and Y
About Sycamore: Professor Sycamore is mentioned as the one who selected a group made up of the player character. The player first meets him in Lumiose City, where he will battle the player and, afterwards, gives them one of the three Kanto starter Pokémon. On the way to Shalour City, he will instruct the player to meet Gurkinn, the Mega Evolution guru, to learn and get a better understanding about Mega Evolution. Professor Sycamore made his first appearance in Lumiose City Pursuit!, when Ash, Clemont and Bonnie brought an injured Froakie to him. Sycamore treated Froakie while explaining that he used to be owned by Trainers but had severe behavioral problems which caused him to either abandon or be abandoned by his past Trainers. Sycamore also explained that his area of research was Mega Evolution, and Garchomp was the Pokémon he was researching since she was capable of achieving it.

I have to admit with every other girl out there he is a STUD XD lol but either than that he's funny, romantic and caring. He also studies in a area I love most in pokemon EVOLUTIONS, sure its Mega Evolution but its still about Evolutions and man what an amazing game it was with a professor like him around <3

Travis grady (゜∇゜)

Game: Silent Hill Origins
About Travis: Travis Grady is the protagonist of Silent Hill: Origins. He is a troubled truck driver with a dark past. Travis is running late on a delivery to Brahms and decides to take a shortcut through the town of Silent Hill. In doing so, he remembers the horrible tragedies that took place years ago, as well as digging into a religious conspiracy occurring within the town.

Probably one of the most respected Silent Hill characters I will ever cosplay as. Just so much things happens to a poor man but yet try to be the nicest person in a silent and yet mysterious ways.

Pyramid head (⊙△⊙;)

Game appearances: Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill Films, Silent Hill Origins, Silent Hill Homecoming, Silent Hill Arcade, Silent Hill Downpour, Silent Hill Book of Memories, Silent Hill Revelations,
About Pyramid Head: Pyramid Head, also known as the Red Pyramid Thing. In Silent Hill: Homecoming a monster known as the Bogeyman closely resembles Pyramid Head, which furthers the theory that he has multiple incarnations and is frequently associated with feelings of intense remorse. Pyramid Head is one of the most well-known and iconic monsters in the series. They are usually portrayed as, at the most basic, violent monsters. A deeper meaning given to them explains their existences as punishers and executioners. In Silent Hill 2, one Pyramid Head proves his acts of violence are not aimed solely at humans, as he has also brought harm to the other creatures that inhabit Silent Hill.

I am as common as any other Silent Hill fan will have a deep dark place in my heart for the Pyramid Head. I cant explain how much I love this character as it is what is there to say? Dark, Evil, Carry big sword, Scary, Bloody, srsly the list can go on xD



The characters you might see me cosplaying as ->