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Well, hello there. Welcome to Galenarie's profile.

I bet you did not expect anything intelligent to pop in here. Well, you were right.
One thing I hate is writing about myself. I like writing, but not about such trivial things as myself. I bet this did not catch your interest. emotion_smilies/icon_C8.png
Right. Other things I like are drawing (mostly people and wings, I love wings...) graphic stuff and listening to music. I also like creating in general. But not creating texts 'about me'. You probably saw this whine coming.
I enjoy everything (probably with a few exceptions) that is British. I am Romanian, though. But I travel a lot. And I like traveling. Still, I've never been to America...or Australia... or Japan for that matter... But I've traveled around Europe and a few countries near it, such as Egypt.
I like traveling with music. I hate going with the car without listening to my music. As you might've seen in the interests close to this useless box, my favourite bands are Nine Inch Nails, Angelspit, Linkin Park, Depeche Mode and such. (I bet you deduced that only by my profile layout. Oh, yea, I'm original like hell. emotion_smilies/icon_dealwithit.gif) A major favourite of mine is also Emilie Autumn. From that you can tell that I am a big fan of the Victorian era. True. But, I also enjoy listening to songs by Florence + The Machine, Imogen Heap and Kerli, too.
I like supernatural things in media. That's probably a reason why my favourite manga and anime is Death Note. I don't cosplay, though (neither in real life nor with the avatar, I find it unoriginal). Another favourite is, most certainly, Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler). The manga is, to me, extremely well drawn (with all those Victorian clothes and such), but, with this one, I've watched the anime first, and since my favourite characters only appear there, I might say that the anime is at least as good as the manga. Keep in mind that I am being highly subjective, though. I can't help myself, when it comes to favourites. I also like Harry Potter much. Both books and movies, they're brilliant. smilies/icon_smile.gif Other movie series I seriously like is Pirates of the Caribbean. My favourite one is the third, 'At World's End'. I love the soundtracks of these movies, as well, purely brilliant.
When it comes to TV shows, I like those kinds of detective/paranormal ones, but some with a real, true and new twist. I don't like seeing the same idea over and over, but I think that's understandable.
I most likely bored the average profile visitor by now, and these words might not be read by most people. Oh well, it doesn't matter. emotion_smilies/icon_awesomeface.gif I myself wouldn't have read this far. If you did, though, thanks. Here is a digital, pixel-made cupcake for you: yummy_smilies/icon_cupcake.gif. I bet it was one tasty click. That if you clicked it.

(Oh, by the way. My favourite colour is not green. It's royal purple. And indigo. Don't get misled by the profile. Also, for those who care, I'm 17.)


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oKashi-Mika Report | 07/30/2015 10:40 pm
"Not in the creepy way" - I like that xD
The idea is cool, but let's see ^w^

I hope you'll get the mail soon.
It's a hell to wait for something important like that neutral
oKashi-Mika Report | 07/30/2015 6:09 am
A girly guy!
but I know how you feel!
I am so happy that I won't see my 'class-mates' ever
again after I changed my working place.
They are b#%&/es

You have to report me from England once you're there~
oKashi-Mika Report | 07/30/2015 4:58 am
oKashi-Mika really need to know useless stuff.
What's the point in knowing and writing texts down?

I really hope you will enjoy British studying~
It must feel amazing to go to England ♥
oKashi-Mika Report | 07/30/2015 12:32 am
God, that sounds like hell.
Real hell.
Hell on earth!
Then I must say congratulations for surviving that!!

My exams are a tiny chihuahua, when I look at yours xD
oKashi-Mika Report | 07/28/2015 10:21 pm
You sounbd like a genius XD
I am so happy for you!
Studying in england will be such an amazing experience! emotion_c8

Oh me?
Well I finished the half of my exam and now
I am waiting for my results + admition to go for the second part.
I also found a new adminsitration to work - because
the personal department in my current sucks emotion_0A0

Woah, look at all the details!
When I get online on dA at home I'll fav and comment on it!!
Thank you so much~
I hope you had fun with it ♥
oKashi-Mika Report | 07/27/2015 10:47 pm
Congratulations!! [your status] ♪
You're going to study in England?!
oKashi-Mika Report | 03/22/2015 6:42 am

Thank you!!
This is amazing!!"! ♥

oKashi-Mika Report | 03/09/2015 11:34 pm

That sounds all awesome!
No problem if you can't get online because of that xD
RL is much more important~
I'm happy that it seems to go well owo

Oh yes please!
I think this one might even be better than the other one!~

oKashi-Mika Report | 02/18/2015 10:46 pm

Oh! Great~
If you want, you could try something with my current avi owo
I always like your art!~♫

oKashi-Mika Report | 02/01/2015 10:39 pm

I am sure you will get a place at the art school :3
Your pictures get better and better!! ♥
ll MiLKY ll

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By ll MiLKY ll. All five of the pictures down here are made by her.:3

London, picture taken around the second half of June 2012.

Sinaia in Romania, picture taken in April 2011.

All mine.