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1st Place: Week 10 (Yeah that week won't show up for some reason)

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1st Place: Week 47

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1st Place: Week 10
(Homage to my first place winning)

1st Place: Week 21

1st Place: Week 41

2nd Place: Week 10 (GalavantMan 50th 1yr Anniversary Special!)

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8th Place: Week 51

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I'm on my way!

4th Place: Week 25

6th Place: Week 15

6th Place: Week 24

6th Place: Week 12

7th Place: Week 36

8th Place: Week 12

8th Place: Week 50

9th Place: Week 1

10th Place: Week 51

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Sigh I'm not good at introductions.
Names Josh I'm a young man in my early 20's, who is also a sentai/rider lovin man child from Harlem NY.

Things I enjoy.
- Bacon (it makes the world a much better place)
- Mecha (Japanese Giant Robots)
- Video Games (Primarly fighting, hack 'n slash, and RPG)
- Kamen Rider (Metallic japanese bug men)
- Super Sentai (Basically the original japanese Power Rangers)
- Anime (A lot of mainstream things, oh woe the counterculture.)
- Comics/Manga (Avid Spidey fan)
- Collecting said above items in form of Figuarts and models.
- Collecting rather interesting, yet useless information.
- Forums... you might see me there.
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00 Qan Report | 04/21/2015 6:45 pm
00 Qan
Uhh about that... they are actually HG
If you click on the pic of the gundam you wanna see it sends you to a gallery were you can see what he edited. He makes HG looks like MG.
IVIiku Report | 04/21/2015 4:25 pm
Sank you GalavantMan~ heart
congrats on your victory as well~
00 Qan Report | 04/06/2015 1:35 pm
00 Qan
emotion_kirakira Nice! I still havent done any original work but Il see if I come up with something. Just like you Im always following Gundamguy blogspot but a few months back a I saw a builders Gunpla and I was like emotion_0A0 emotion_jawdrop His gunpla were not just perfect but they were highly detailed and a lot more. Since that day I got super motivated to work with the Hobby. What paint are you using for painting???

Who ever this is, hes a ******** genius... emotion_dowant
00 Qan Report | 04/05/2015 8:48 pm
00 Qan
You got the Try?! Nice I've been wanting to buy for a long time, those clear parts 4laugh
I've been working on my Qan, sanding the nibs and cleaning the pieces. I've been trying to apply pro skills on it but damn it is hard as hell! Dx
You gotta show me your work when it's done! Btw did u heard about the RG Raiser?
00 Qan Report | 04/04/2015 8:24 pm
00 Qan
Yo Gal, its been a while. How have you been? Been building new Gunplas?? smile
On Black Paper Report | 04/04/2015 12:02 pm
On Black Paper
Petey Parker Report | 03/20/2015 3:05 am
Petey Parker
I wish there was a better concept to the mask.
Petey Parker Report | 03/18/2015 6:05 pm
Petey Parker
amazing look you got going.
The Iegend of ZeIda Report | 02/15/2015 4:55 am
The Iegend of ZeIda
I really hope your vanitas places its so good dude!
Curtiss Jade Report | 02/09/2015 7:59 pm
Curtiss Jade
Apologies, I'm afraid I didn't see it. I had logged off.
However, that's a nice Sora there. LOL


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