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Not the best fashion sense; but hell at least I have my sense of identity."

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1st Place: Week 10 (Yeah that week won't show up for some reason)

1st Place: Week 44

1st Place: Week 47

1st Place: Week 45

1st Place: Week 10
(Homage to my first place winning)

1st Place: Week 21

1st Place: Week 41

2nd Place: Week 10 (GalavantMan 50th 1yr Anniversary Special!)

2nd Place: Week 50

2nd Place: Week 07

3rd Place: Week 14

3rd Place: Week 14

3rd Place: Week 15

3rd Place: Week 16

3rd Place: Week 16

4th Place: Week 46

4th Place: Week 12

4th Place: Week 34

4th Place: Week 52

4th Place: Week 23

4th Place: Week 26

4th Place: Week 46

4th Place: Week 17

5th Place: Week 32

5th Place: Week 35

5th Place: Week 38

6th Place: Week 2

6th Place: Week 17

6th Place: Week 35

6th Place: Week 53

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7th Place: Week 31

7th Place: Week 25

7th Place: Week 49

8th Place: Week 52

8th Place: Week 51

8th Place: Week 51

8th Place: Week 17

8th Place: Week 19

8th Place: Week 22

8th Place: Week 47

9th Place: Week 48

9th Place: Week 49

9th Place: Week 22

9th Place: Week 36

9th Place: Week 07

10th Place: Week 49

10th Place: Week 8

10th Place: Week 16

10th Place: Week 25

10th Place: Week 20

10th Place: Week 37

10th Place: Week 42

10th Place: Week 30

10th Place: Week 37

Originals Winners
I'm on my way!

4th Place: Week 25

6th Place: Week 15

6th Place: Week 24

6th Place: Week 12

7th Place: Week 36

8th Place: Week 12

8th Place: Week 50

9th Place: Week 1

10th Place: Week 51

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Location: New York

Birthday: 12/10/1990

Occupation: Galvanic Revenger

Galvanic Revenger: GalavantMan

Fan of Kamen Rider, currently Ryugen.

Sigh I'm not good at introductions.
Names Josh I'm a young man in my early 20's, who is also a sentai/rider lovin man child from Harlem NY.

Things I enjoy.
- Bacon (it makes the world a much better place)
- Mecha (Japanese Giant Robots)
- Video Games (Primarly fighting, hack 'n slash, and RPG)
- Kamen Rider (Metallic japanese bug men)
- Super Sentai (Basically the original japanese Power Rangers)
- Anime (A lot of mainstream things, oh woe the counterculture.)
- Comics/Manga (Avid Spidey fan)
- Collecting said above items in form of Figuarts and models.
- Collecting rather interesting, yet useless information.
- Forums... you might see me there.
- Avatar arenas, avid cosplayer OG, and part time Other arena OC smilies/icon_wink.gif



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2_twins in a ball Report | 10/18/2015 6:39 pm
2_twins in a ball
Thanks for the reminder Galavant! Just checked my calendar and I found out I had an originals conflict this week. I apologize for not being able to submit. sweatdrop
Best of luck, hero of heroes!
IVIiku Report | 10/17/2015 8:23 pm
alrighty ill see what i can do~ heart
Fated Vanitas Report | 10/14/2015 8:34 pm
Fated Vanitas
Ah, the usual. How's the arenas?
Fated Vanitas Report | 10/13/2015 9:51 pm
Fated Vanitas
Hey Galavant! How have you been? Been a while since we last spoke.
IVIiku Report | 10/12/2015 8:23 pm
no worries~
Most of my originals are for fun~
It was just a lack of communication on both ends~
Wing Zero Flame Feder Report | 09/26/2015 10:50 pm
Wing Zero Flame Feder
Wing Zero Flame Feder Report | 09/23/2015 7:16 pm
Wing Zero Flame Feder
excuse me i want to know the name of the sword item you use for sephiroth cosplay 3nodding
SchwarzWeiss Report | 09/12/2015 2:40 am
So you and the girl are colleagues at work eh.
Ugh, one of the reasons why I hate sleeping with co-workers.

Well, good for you. Corporate drama is very political. So hang in there. ninja

I've decided to enter the AVA again. Hopefully I place next week on Original category. sweatdrop

SchwarzWeiss Report | 09/11/2015 2:22 am
Gaaaaalv! How're stuffs?
What's with your shoutout with not dad anytime soon? lol

You should use protection mooooore. scream
SenatorShockwave Report | 09/07/2015 7:43 pm
I see. :v


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