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If you are here then I'm sure you wanna know about me.

Name: Rhade
Age: 24
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas, United States of America
Current Residence: I reside in San Antonio, Texas though i hate it here, it is way way too hot. I am alot more open to cool to cold weather.
Occupation: None at the moment.
Siblings: Younger sister and even younger brother.
Race: White
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Glasses or contact lenses? Glasses
Habits: Social smoker and drinker
Hobbies: Supernatural, Movies Television, Music, Gaming, Computers, Construction, messing with things.
Favorite Sayings: No body makes you do anything you didn't already want to do in the first place.
Greatest flaw: I keep my self distanced from others.
Best quality: Sense of humor
Educational Background: High school, some college
Short-term goals in life: Live life to the fullest
Long-term goals in life: Try and take over the world. >.>
Ruled by emotion or logic or some combination thereof? Mainly logic I use emotions more as a tool then anything else.
Introvert or Extrovert? More of a introvert
How do you deal with anger? Bottle it up and use it as fuel.
With sadness? Bottle it up and use it as fuel.
With conflict? ^-^" I tend to over react, medium to low fuse but I keep it under control
With change? Slightly hesitant to change but not afraid of it. I deal with it well.
What frightens you? Loss
What makes you happy? Helping
Are you judgmental of others? Yes
Are you generous or stingy? Generous most of the time.
Are you generally polite or rude? Depends on my mood and my relationship with the person. A random stranger on a random day, probably gonna be sacastically rude.
What are the yourspiritual beliefs? I believe in heaven, hell, God, Lucifer, demons and angels. Thats probably about as in depth as it gets though.
Is religion or spirituality a part of your life? Slightly but not really.

If I find people asking me repetitive questions about something I will probably find its way onto this as well.

Feel free to add, message, or comment me. I don't bite... hard.

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