Welcome to my profile. They say every writer has a thousand faces. For me that's true. I love writing. I'm working on more than one writing project that just may turn out to be novels one day. Either way, I'll never stop writing.

My imagination is crazy at times, but that's not to say, I'm not grounded in reality either. I have a life outside of Gaia, and gaming, and it is one that I am quite proud of. I work in the healthcare industry and little by little, I've been working my way up in the ranks. I'm a fan of anything Steam Punk, and consider myself a Fantasy/Sci Fi nerd as well. Despite this, I also enjoy the outdoors as well. Sometimes a good game of Ultimate Frisbee hits the spot just perfect. Other times, a quick swim or jog on the beach is just what the doctor ordered. Then again, sometimes its just as sweet to curl up on the couch to a reading of Game of Thrones, or pop in the DVD Player and have a Firefly marathon followed by Serenity. Either way, I am a person who knows what he likes.

When I'm home however, or driving to or from work, that's when the gears start turning. I like to think of myself as a world-builder. Often, I'll think of complex worlds and societies. Some fantasy based, others sci-fi. From a series of moons with sentient life that revolve around a super-massive gas giant, to a world of Steam Punk Vampires, Werewolves, High Elves, and Goblins; my mind is constantly on the move.

One of my passions is role-playing. I enjoy this because it expands the mind and challenges you to come up with something new and to deal with the unexpected. I also enjoy reading just as much as I love writing. I have taken heavily influences from Terry Goodkind, George Martin, Patrick Rothfuss, even Douglas Adams. I am a big fan of the character development and interactions from The Walking Dead TV series. I try and be a sponge and absorb everything I see, hear, or read.

Lately, I've just returned to Gaia after being away for 3 years. I've found, however, that my RPing is just as strong as ever. Gaia is kind of like my release from a long day's work. Anyway, I am looking for good RPs out there as well as good friends. If you feel you can keep up, then I look forward to meeting you.

Artwork of Me by Ambivalently!!!

Featured Avatar on the Gaia Blog in May 2013 Baby!!!!

This artwork is pretty old, but until I get something new, I'll go ahead and leave these up:

Lola Stardust did this piece of avatar art for me.

Another Jedi piece, done by Ruby-chan this time of San-Chan Artshop.

Zomboid did a quick chibi freebie for me

An older piece done for me a loooong time ago. Note the White Drome Egg, first evolution


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Hey buddy! How are you doing? :3

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I hope you had a wonderful Christmas season and a Happy New Year, your kind best wishes are very meaningful to me.
It has been a long and hard year and please forgive me for being so quiet through it all.
But I have thought of all my friends and how much you have given my life joy.
*hugs* Thank you... I'll write to you again soon, but feel free to write to me because I do love to hear from you.
*happy dance*
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Thanks Gabe, I appreciate that smile

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Thanks Gabe

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By the way, I am now in love with my avi. I feel I have you to thank for that. So, thank you! heart

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emotion_hug All has been fine. Nothing I can't handle.
Tien Lumonos

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Tien Lumonos

Oh yea Ra's Al Ghul's fight was really fun.. and final battle with clay face where Batman uses the sword.. that was just beast. Have you ever seen the animated movie 'under the hood' it was about Red Hood that movie is one of my favorite batman animations lol

But yea, playing canons is really fun, as well as creating your own unique contribution to the story. I do hope you accomplish whatever it is you're busy with, successfully.
Tien Lumonos

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Tien Lumonos

Oh hell yea, I love the dark knight series and the Arkham series, can't wait to get my own copy of Origins. I've beaten Asylum and I own City, but Origins looks like it'll be the funnest yet! I do hope you find some time to join my roleplay, its a little slow right now, but soon someone will join and i'll start the roleplay. In its current situation it doesn't need batman to start the roleplay... so batman or not I'll still start it off the moment someone joins..
Chatan Cho

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Chatan Cho

I like Kagepro now razz

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"Gallifrey Falls...No More"