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i am duckie XD

Hey, whazzup, ya nosy asshats? Here's my profile because it's nice to have one I guess, or so my wife, Laurella says, so you can bet s**t to s**t that she's gonna have a hand in my fancy-pants profile. I'll just tell her what to put down. I am married to her in real life. We are both artists and writers. I get my 'fab' Gaia sense of fashion from wifey cuz that's just what wifey does. Playing dress up an s**t. I am 26 years old. I like guys and girls. My favorite games are Gears of War, WoW, D&D and LoL. I also dig RPG/quest games. I am Ducky. Quack. =_=

Without further ado, here's the rundown: smilies/icon_ninja.gif

Name: King Gnomino Dominoion

Nickname: g-nome (with a lowercase g.) His wife calls him Ducky.

Age: 3,002

Skin: Tanned bronze

Hair: White

Eyes: Gold

Race: Solheenian.

History: Born a prince, but preferring a life of debauchery, he ran away before coronation and took to the high seas to live the life of a thief, and later a pirate. He's been settled down in his own kingdom and in married life, he still possesses his rouge and rough edges.

Maritial Status: Is married to Empress Laurella (Her Imperial Majeste). He and are polar opposites, but they seem to be meant for each other. The classic good-girl, bad-boy story, they seem to forget about their stations because they have tons in common.

They met under circumstances from g-nome's rouge boss giving him a job to kidnap the Apollosolarian royal. When he took out all of her lethal guards single-handedly and came to fetch her, he found they were equally matched in combat. Since kidnapping her would not be easy, he tried his roguish charm, but found it was futile. Not used to losing, he promised to come back for her again, but each and every time failed. Instead, each kidnap attempt became an in-depth conversation, until g-nome came on his own accord to talk and spend time with Laurella. He soon found he was falling for Laurella. His boss, growing impatient with his incompetence, threatened him with death. Laurella didn't take too kindly to the death-threat to her friend and offered to be kidnapped so she could see his boss. g-nome ended up destroying his boss when it was revealed he was planning to engulf Apollosolaria in darkness. This won him the trust of Laurella's people, though he wasn't looking for their trust in the first place. The two were married a few years later. Though he's given up the rouge life, he still has the itch to go out for trouble and adventure, which he does every now and then

Persona: Beneath his polished exterior is the heart of a ferocious adventurer seeker. He is brash and will fight any adversaries without much thought. His wife wishes he would keep his swearing under wraps. He is miles more promiscuous and sensual than Laurella and is more apt to fits of anger when he loses. He has a mean streak and a sharp tongue, but proves to be sweet to Laurella. Due to being a pirate for so long, he talks with stereotypical quips at times.

Likes: Fighting/violence, adventure, getting laid, gambling, games

Dislikes: Losing, low pay, sitting in one place for too long

Kingdom of Rule: The King of the Domino Kingdom. Adjacent to the Chess Kingdom. He now rules by Laurella's side in the Appolosolarian Kingdom, though his trust of her people was thoroughly earned.

Read enough? GOOD! Now BEAT it, chumps.

Her Imperiale Majeste


" I love you more each day, my empress"