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Call me G-Fan, or just G. I am what you'd call kaiju trash. Wherever there are huge monsters wreaking havoc and destruction, I'm there to cheer them on and sing their praises. Godzilla, King Kong, Mothra, Gamera, Gorgo, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man...I love 'em all. I'm also a fan in general of sci-fi, horror, and fantasy fiction, both on film and in print.

I'm basically a pretty easygoing person once you get to know me, though still a bit shy and pessimistic. I can also be rather opinionated and grouchy.

I draw and write in my spare time, and have my heart set on a career in screenwriting or animation. My favorite game series...es (serii? What's the plural on that? Anyone? Bueller?) and individual games are:

- Final Fantasy (mainly IV and VI)
- WWE All Stars
- Legend of Zelda
- Double Dragon
- Metroid
- Doom
- Kingdom Hearts
- Street Fighter
- Super Smash Bros.
- Battletoads
- WarCraft II: The Tides of Darkness
- StarCraft
- Earthworm Jim
- Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure
- Wing Commander
- Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game (for once, Ubisoft does a beat-em-up RIGHT)
- Phantasy Star Online
- Bayou Billy (punishingly hard, but has a bitchin' soundtrack and great atmosphere)
- Castlevania
- Bubble Bobble
- Terminator for Sega CD
- Deadly Premonition (damn good coffee)
- Punch-Out!!
- Splatterhouse
- Moonwalker
- Descent
- Super Mario Bros.
- Rampage
- Konami's old-school TMNT games (especially Turtles in Time)
- Super Godzilla
- Atari's Godzilla trilogy (Destroy All Monsters Melee, Save the Earth, and Unleashed)
- Ghostbusters: The Video Game
- Metal Wolf Chaos (why this wasn't released in America, I will NEVER understand)
- Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem
- Sonic the Hedgehog series, particularly Sonic CD
- Rastan
- Pac-Man
- Wolfenstein 3D
- Sinistar
- Jungle Hunt
- Ninja Gaiden
- Kirby
- Maniac Mansion
- Star Wars Battlefront
- Mega Man (classic and X series)

Now a few people and things that I do not like. If you should find yourself or something you like on this list, try not to take it too personally:

- Beggars
- Random friend requests (unless they come from really cool people)
- Weeaboos
- Stupid people
- Posers
- Bigots
- People who hate fun
- People who hate on pro wrestling just because it's "not real". You watch movies and you know they're not real. Take your double standard somewhere else.
- People who hate on Godzilla for being "silly, childish and unrealistic", yet nut in their shorts over superhero movies. Again, double standard.
- Activision
- Capcom
- EA
- Twilight
- Joe Quesada
- Doom 3
- Bad remakes of classic films
- George Lucas
- Halo
- Edgy modern character redesigns that just clutter it up with s**t and make it unappealing to look at; for examples, see Bayformers and the new Power Rangers movie that's coming out. Keep It Simple, Stupid!
- Backstabbers
- Yoshio Sakamoto (thanks for killing Metroid and pissing on the fans)
- D&D Fourth Edition (mass class nerfing, stupid new game mechanics, more "once-per-day" bullshit...how can people enjoy this?)
- PETA (I love animals as much as the next guy, but ******** these "people")
- The Matrix
- World of Warcraft
- The Church of Scientology
- Naruto. For that matter, 90% of anime.
- Kevin Dunn
- Hypocrites
- People who just will not stop slobbing on the knob of WWF's Attitude Era. Give it a rest, guys, it really wasn't as great as you make it out to be.
- Rob Liefeld (please stop making comics)
- Uwe Boll (please stop making movies)
- Stephen Sommers (you too)
- Michael Bay (and you)
- Zack Snyder (and ESPECIALLY YOU)
- Shitty games or movies based on great source material (see previous three entries)
- Sephiroth and Cloud Strife (and for that matter, Final Fantasy VII, the most overrated game ever)
- People who can't play video games worth a damn making Let's Play videos on Youtube
- "The Game". Seriously, it was old and played out in 2004. Stop it.
- August Derleth
- Minicons
- Frank Miller, the most overrated comic creator ever. Dark Knight Returns wasn't even that good.
- People who label all Sonic fans as "furfags"
- Scream
- Fred Phelps
- People who persist in calling werewolves "lycans"
- Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin
- Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer (just stop making movies, you're not funny and never were)
- Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman (HAAAAAAAACKS)
- People that think Super Smash Bros., a PARTY GAME AIMED AT CHILDREN, is some kind of "hardcore tournament fighter" (see "people who hate fun")
- CAT scans
- Dragon Ball Z (another of the many animus I cannot stand)
- The Kree, especially Mar-Vell
- Shadow the Hedgehog
- Scorpion
- The Tea Party
- Donald Trump

'Nuff said for now. If there's anything else you want to know, feel free to ask.


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You're Welcome! :^)
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Thanks for your purchase, come back soon heart heart
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Thank you for your purchase!~ rofl yum_puddi yum_strawberry
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Thank you for visiting my shop, hope the Leviathan Gauntlets are of use to you! ^-^/
Also yay, I'm not the only fan of Castlevania around here~
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UrKarmaNightmare Report | 04/23/2016 12:42 pm
Yer welcome!
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Thanks 4 buying my item. smile btw cool profile.
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clay goldschmidt
thank you for purchasing at my store! mrgreen

i hope to see you again,
Clay Goldschmidt

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You are very welcome, Sir.
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Haha, np. Thanks for the ink biggrin



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