I'm Robin, how do you do? :3

To be more specific, I am female Gaian from sunny Southern California. *waves* I love to travel especially to various anime conventions across the country. I've attended California's very own Anime Expo every year since 2004.

It's no secret that I love anime. Anime has been my main obsession for the past decade. Please check out MyAnimeList if you are curious about what I'm watching. I am also a big fan of many American voice actors including Vic Mignogna. I am a proud Risembool Ranger! ♥

I can't imagine my life without music. I've taken singing lessons for nearly two years now and I think I've made a great improvement! I don't play any musical instruments, but I would love to learn someday. You can take a peak at my listening habits over at Last.fm! I also use Pandora quite bit.

Reading is one of my other favorite hobbies. I'm really into classic literature at the moment. Fanfiction is something of an addiction as well. I have an old FanFiction.net account, but it has nothing worth reading besides some truly awesome favorited stories. You can check out my little attempts at poetry over at

I have a YouTube account, but I rarely ever use for any other than leaving comments.

Would you like to read some more random facts? Well, too bad, you getting 'em anyway~!

♥ My favorite animal is the wolf
♥ My favorite color is usually blue, but it often changes with my mood.
♥ Phantom of the Opera is my one true obsession right now. I cannot get enough of it in ANY of its forms! I've seen the ALW musical on stage twice.
♥ I think musicals are awesome, but not High School Musical...! *shakes head*
♥ I got in anime at age ten via Pokémon. I admit that without shame. I also admit that I watched the series faithfully until I was around fourteen. XD;
♥ I think New York City is one of the most fascinating places I've ever had the pleasure to visit.
♥ It may be cliché, but my favorite flower is still the rose.
♥ I am a shameless dub fan when it comes to anime, but subs are also enjoyable.
♥ My unofficial theme song is Imaginary by Evanescence
♥ My favorite song is The Music of the Night from my favorite musical.
♥ Writing and singing are my two greatest passions in life.

You're lucky, because I can't think of anything else... XD; Why don't you run along now and explore the wide world that is Gaia? You will come back to visit, won't you? *puppy dog eyes*


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Sarcastic Shipper

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Sarcastic Shipper

You got to see Vic... LUCKY YOUUU! Wait just a host-clubbin' second, did you say AGAIN! Okay, I need to get out more. I know the 71 roles played by voice actors I know of! (I just picked up my 71st. Yuzuru Suoh: John Swasey!) Sorry, but I am a die-hard voice actor freak. Anyways, I was SO phantom-thieving close to meeting Vic at A-kon this year, but my dad and I decided we'd go a few days before the con and we only went saturday. Literally. We had to leave the autograph line to catch our flight! I cried my little heart out! And before that, I DID go to his panel and got a picture of him, and you know what? The picture is BLURRY! I didn't want to take a pic of his butt like so many other fangirls do, so yeah.
Shutting up.
Sarcastic Shipper

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Sarcastic Shipper

Hey. Sorry it took so long to reply. We just moved into a new house and we just got internet on Friday, then I spent the night Saturday at my grandma's house where there is NO INTERNET. I'm doing good. I just started watching Vampire Knight because A. I have the first volume and B. Vic Mignogna's in it!!!! heart heart heart heart heart

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Hi FullMetalHeart!! biggrin I found you! Take a guess who! xd
x[ Halloween ]x

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x[ Halloween ]x

Welcome to Gaia! <3



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