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North Jersey, USA
Brown eyes
January 9
Animal lover
Dog person

Anime shows & seasons I've finished:
Cardcaptor Sakura (first anime I finished)
Venus Versus Virus
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
Elfen Lied
Mirai Nikki
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (season 1, A's, & StrikerS)
Futari wa Pretty Cure
Burn Up! Warrior
Strike Witches (1 and 2)
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Mobile Suit Gundam
Tokyo Mew Mew
Attack On Titan
Neon Genesis Evangelion

Favorite Books:
- Hello, Groin by Beth Goobie
- The Dream Where the Losers Go by Beth Goobie
- Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut

Favorite Manga:
- Fullmetal Alchemist
- Fullmoon O Sagashite
- Black God
- Tsubasa Chronicle
- Hell Girl
- Venus Versus Virus
- Codename: Sailor V

Favorite Anime:
- Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
- Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
- Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)
- Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (series)
- Neon Genesis Evangelion
- Gunbuster (and Diebuster)
- Gundam (series)

(*The reason I like Nanoha slightly more than NGE is cuz I finished Nanoha years ago, and it's super special to me.)

Favorite Cartoon:
- Family Guy

Favorite Shows:
- Big Bang Theory
- Supernatural
- Criminal Minds

Favorite movies:
- 101 Dalmatians (& 102 Dalmatians & Patch's London Adventure)
- Bambi
- Rock-a-Doodle
- Mulan (and part 2)
- Hercules
- Monsters University (I love Inc but I prefer Uni)
- Frozen
- Ted

Favorite colors:
- Pink
- Black
- Red

June 28, 2014. First concert ever. Paramore & Fall Out Boy.

July 12, 2014. Katy Perry.

August 18, 2014. 30 Seconds to Mars & Linkin Park. I went up on stage cuz a guard saw how much I wanted to go up, cuz I was in the upper rows and the Mars guys didn't see me. So I went up on stage with my sister. It was amazing! I got a drumstick! It landed by my feet. Just my luck! The only bad news is that the Mars guys did not notice us come on stage. But at least we were up there! This was during their last song of the night, btw.

Rocki (dog) (RIP)
Harvey (dog)
Leo (dog)
Izzy (guinea pig)
Cali (guinea pig)
Roo (bunny)
Rosie (bunny)

(The rabbits are my sister's.)

Music (in ABC order):

30 Seconds to Mars
Avenged Sevenfold
Dead by Sunrise
Decyfer Down
Electric Century
Fall Out Boy
Flyleaf (Lacey Sturm AND Kristen May)
For All Those Sleeping
frnkiero andthe cellabration
Gerard Way (solo)
Hell or Highwater
Katy Perry (shut up)
Lacuna Coil
Lena Katina (solo)
Linkin Park
The Material
My Chemical Romance
New Years Day
Set It Off
Stars in Stereo
Thousand Foot Krutch
Three Days Grace (Adam AND Matt)
Tonight Alive
We as Human


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Das Rabble Rouser Report | 12/13/2014 11:04 pm
Das Rabble Rouser
Give vnv nation a try.
barrel saw Report | 12/13/2014 4:23 pm
barrel saw
oh hey thanks haha
entrench Report | 12/12/2014 10:41 pm
awe ty smile

whats up
azulmagia Report | 12/08/2014 7:14 pm
That "worldwide Jesus domination" reminds me of a particularly fatuous Michael Cornhole quote. Create a "wacky Christian quotes" thread and maybe I'll post it.
goodgollymissmolly7Z Report | 12/08/2014 1:38 am
R0seLady Report | 12/07/2014 9:19 am
I feel ya my friend. I've seen it happening the same way soo many years now, I just sit back and watch a un-entertaining show lol. I used to put my 2 sense in, but getting into fist fights most of the time when I do, I just laugh to myself and continue what I was doing.
Don't worry about it so much, if u do. People like the ones we are talking about is just out for excuses , pity, and attention. Don't give that satisfaction
R0seLady Report | 12/03/2014 11:30 pm
Because the ones who agree, even partly are too ******** p***y to stand up and speak. Everything we say and do is judged. If you try to please everyone, then no one is pleased then you lose yourself all together. I'm good, I'm going to keep it real, blunt if it hurts. Pussh life hurts, get used to it. Am I right? wahmbulance
Kohlian Report | 11/22/2014 1:38 pm
Thanks for the sweet comment redface
azulmagia Report | 11/15/2014 9:23 pm
Maybe he's just jealous.
azulmagia Report | 10/19/2014 4:27 pm
That sounds terrible.


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Zeta Gundam
Sailor Moon
Soul Eater
Fairy Tail
Pretty Cure Max Heart


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