My username is pronounced "Foo-kee". You should all be ashamed of yourselves. 3:<

I get bored easily. Which amounts to a lot. This affects my mood and personality when it shouldn't, I feel like.

But I love cartoons.

Graduated in stuff. Will eventually pursue some more stuff.

Currently: Teaching English in S. Korea.

P.S. I hide in a very big anti-drama bubble. Try to pop it and you might get soap in your eye. ;D

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(9-30-2011): There's a glitch on my account that sometimes removes people from my friendslist. I don't remove people (unless you only added me to beg, scam or be the bad kind of creep), so if you're one of the glitch's victims, feel free to send me another invite.

(06-08-2013): Rest in Peace, Dad, I love you forever.