My real name is Marc Selby.
I am literally 6'11''
I am alittle overweight, but not by a whole lot -.-;; I weigh a little over 300 lbs, though I am told my ideal weight is just above 270, so not terrible.
I am bashful online. I dont like offending people, and try to do whatever I can to help anyone out.
Be it a quest
Or just to improve their moods.

I read journals, beware.

If you are wondering about my OC's for roleplaying I have four characters characters that I sometimes RP together.

For eight years I have roleplayed as Fujiwara-Sai, and all of his information is in my journal. 22 entries and growing and it's still nothing but his story.

For four years i have played Selina Talonhook, who, depending on the RP, is different. sometimes she is the psychic version of Selina, married to fujiwara, other times she is a witch of the same name, slightly older the fujiwara, she torments him relentlessly.

For Three years I have played as Nathaniel Goodchild. A Catholic priest, this guy is kind of a badass, but I often kill him ff in some sort of battle, usually against Fujiwara. I have resurected him several times.

For two years I have played Nagato Yuki, name based off of Nagato from the melancholy of haruhi Szumiya, she is a shade who often is a possible love interest for Fujiwara, otherwise she is an awkward woman just trying to survive.

If you want to learn anymore on my characters, or simply talk to me, feel free to PM me. For now, that is all.


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That sucks, I hope your new modem comes soon!
And your welcome, I wanna see what you come up with!

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Do you have a program called, CCleaner?
Its really good and it will clean your computer so it runs faster.
I use it every time, before and after I use the internet so that it runs faster.

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Good morning! ^.^
Thank you so much for the kind donation <3
Luna de Nuit

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Luna de Nuit

That sucker needs back on my profile NOW~! c:
Thank youuuu~!!!
Luna de Nuit

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Luna de Nuit

No worries/hurry~!
As long as you have it and can get it to me at some point I am relieved and happy! :'D
Luna de Nuit

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Luna de Nuit

Hey Sai, you know that art you got of our avis a while back?
The pencil one that was awesome, and I was playing the viola? ;o;
Well Gaia deleted ALL OF MY customs, can't remember if I had a chance to tell you..
but since I got this computer I didn't have the art from my custom boxes saved.
I didn't foresee gaia just deleting them /sobs
I really miss that piece though, so I hope you have it!
I'm sure you do~ So there's one piece I can most likely recover. <3
Could you send me the picture, is what I'm inevitably getting at~ ;w; ♥
Luna de Nuit

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Luna de Nuit

No worries. c:
Yeah, that's what I told her. Gotta get the good pepperoni.
Luna de Nuit

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Luna de Nuit

She has mild reactions. Her sinus' start hurting and she gets a headache.
Weird thing is it's only SOME pepperoni. ._.'

Thank you ;w; -hug- It was a big insulin accident.
Luna de Nuit

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Luna de Nuit

Yeah, dad's doing much better now.
It was the scariest thing in the world though. :c
I thought he was going to go into a coma.
I had to keep him awake and feed him. ;___;

/Really? People usually like it when their thread is bumped.
The Queen of Sins

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The Queen of Sins

He loves watching TV with me.


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