Friends and Close Ones

    Ryoka Saphron-Sister in the real world.
    Angry Bushwacker- My boyfriend~<3
    Gossun-My Touhou Buddy~ ; w ;
    Alex Trevell-Sister's BF and an awesome friend.
    Zeo- Real life semi-brother
    Cookies Cuteness- One of my best friends.
    Tania-The Fairy King/Queen~
    Mashi-My awesome Japanese friend.
    Haru Hachiko-Another awesome Japanese friend.
    Yancelebi-My Sister/Daughter/everything else.
    Afternoon Sunshine-Mistress Remilia~
    Eloquent Melodies-Another best friend.
    Shoes-My niece whom I love so much.
    Moki and Muffin-Nicknamed me Fujijijijijiji
    Kizuki Utaku- My mommy.
    Light- Newest Best friend.
    Olsu- Olsy: 'Nuff said.
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    Additional Info:
    Birthday is August 29th~
    I am a Virgo~
    I am a Male~
    I am currently single~
    I am Gay~