Messing around w/ my profile.

-> I call myself Fudgecakey <-

♦ I am a Filipino
♦ I am a Fujoshi
♦ I'm like Kuroki Tomoko 'nuff said
♦ I tend to be a silent observer in the real world
♦ I love Food more than people o w o
♦ I cosplay from time to time! (Princess Bubblegum, Ciel Phantomhive Wonderland version, Female Clear from DMMd)
♥ Ichinose Tokiya, Nanase Haruka, Hikigaya Hachiman, Bell Cranel, Levi "Heichou" Ackerman, Clear/Kuriya, and Sebastian Michaelis are in my captivity
♦ My Life is Without Meaning if there are no computer games/video games, anime nor manga
♦ I love cats/kittens though I can't own one
♦ I have Scoliosis, but life goes on, non?
►I enjoy seeing blood splatters and gore
►I wear Lolita (Semi-Sweet Country and Gothic)
►I hate opening Random Gold/Item Generators o u o
►I play Sims 3 and Elsword, sometimes Eden Eternal
►I love to explore places
►I adore Vintage/Historical stuff
►I'm currently hooked up with Hellsing Ultimate
♣ Favorite Genres (Books/Manga): Mystery, Suspense, Violence, Action, Historical, Comedy, Supernatural, Fantasy (preferably Dark), Yaoi/Yuri (maybe H as well lol)
♫ Favorite Genres (Music): Classical, Touhou Metal/Rock, Vocaloid, Creepy, Calming, Catchy, Electronic

Let's see here, my history on Gaia is that I've been on it since '08 but been on hiatuses and several account changes. But now I became more attached than before though I hope the mass inflation and GC rage would end

I may be harsh if it's the first time we meet but I'll tell you this, if you get on my good side then all will be good

Also, BL rocks. smilies/icon_rofl.gif

My ping sucks. 140~400+ ms R.I.P Phillipine Internet

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