Messing around w/ my profile.

-> I call myself Fudgecakey <-

♦ I am a Filipino
♦ I am an Otaku
♦ I am a Fujoshi, a Bro, chill w/ Papa Franku
♦ I'm into Programming, currently learning how to program visual novels with Ren'Py
♦ They say I'm a swanky and straight-forward person
♦ I tend to be a silent observer in the real world
♦ Too nice but can't commit to anything
- A ball of sunshine that attracts toxicity way too often
♦ I cosplay from time to time! (Princess Bubblegum, Ciel Phantomhive Wonderland version, Female Clear from DMMd, Hinata Shoyo, Jyushimatsu, working on Sonic from OPM right now)
♥ A Foodie
♥ Glasses are wonderful
♥ Loves pats on the head and hugs (just don't squeeze my soul out pls)
♥ Has a lot of husbandos and ships/OTPs/BrOTPs
♥ Is in the BaoHan Moemoe family because true love exists
(Are you still reading all of these? Wow good job *gives you a cookie*)
♥ Wants to have all the seiyuus
♦ My Life is Without Meaning if there are no computer games/video games, anime nor manga
♦ I love cats/kittens though I can't own one
♦ I have Scoliosis, but life goes on, non?
♦ Hates being sick
►I enjoy seeing blood splatters and gore
►I wear Lolita (Semi-Sweet, Country and Gothic)
►I play Touken Ranbu, Lake Kindred, Sims 3, Elsword, and sometimes Eden Eternal
►I love to explore places
►I adore Vintage/Historical stuff
►I'm currently hooked up with Touken Ranbu, that sword boy hell yes.
♣ Has no definite favorites, as long as they're good and I find it fun, I'm into it

Let's see here, my history on Gaia is that I've been on it since '08 but been on hiatuses and several account changes. But now I became more attached than before though I hope the mass inflation and GC rage would end LOL there's no hope anymore.

I don't bite, I have the patience to listen to your ramblings, but if it goes overboard for me then bye bye.
Dasal lang po, dasal lang po talaga, hindi ako counselor niyo.
Also, BL rocks. smilies/icon_rofl.gif

R.I.P Philippines' Internet

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