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Pugnacious Banana

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Pugnacious Banana

Pugnacious Banana

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Pugnacious Banana

Thanks u___u I love you..

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Just enjoying the vid in your profile. I don't think I've every really listened to Radioactive before (thinking I'm going to buy it). Young Justice right? I've only been able to catch a few eps so far, to my immense disappointment emotion_donotwant

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730k for sno?

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D'aww, thank you so much. c:

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Thank you! c:

Ahaha, it is a lot of math. You only have to take business calculus or the first level of calculus and statistics. And then there's accounting, dundundun!

Aww thank you! ;___; I thought of minoring in economics since I've taken like micro and macroeconomics already. I'm not sure about graphic design. Isn't there like lots of art classes you have to take? I don't think I could handle it so I just stuck to accounting and if I really wanted to, I could go back to school once I'm financially stable and not dependent on my parents.

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I don't think you'll annoy people if you started a conversation. I mean it's not like you're mean or anything so I don't see anything wrong with you trying to talk. I think sometimes it is better. Some people are afraid to approach people that don't talk 'cause there's some misconception about quiet people. -shrugs-
So just be yourself. c:

I feel like there's a variety of people in college. People study during class hours or they don't.
I see plenty of small groups and plenty of people who are perfectly fine on their own. It's really how you approach life and who you are.

Also, don't worry about it. I don't mind. xD I'm studying Accounting~ I kinda not so excited about accounting as much as I am about working in a business and being apart of something. My brother is a doctor and he might open up his own clinic in the future. I could totally do his accounting work. c:

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Nice! That is so exciting!
I understand that it can be nerve-racking.
Honestly I can be an awkward person too. Everyone is in their own way. (:
I'm pretty quiet especially in groups. I just like, would rather talk to someone one on one (and I can go on and on if I'm close to you xD) or a few at a time.
And to be honest, I make more acquaintances than friends. Like you know, you'd talk to them but you don't hang out with them outside of school? I mean I'm transferring so I guess I didn't make an effort but I did have a few of friends from high school that I've made an effort to hang out even though we didn't in high school.
Since your commuting, you won't get those dorm friends you could fall back on.
Don't worry though. Everyone gets nervous going into a new environment and not knowing anyone.
Definitely join clubs. c: Get involved. You'll meet people in your major.
Also. I don't think you're awkward at all! We're talking right now aren't we? heart

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I'm surprised that they don't slow down! There's so freaking many.
I do remember when we would know all the items. Now I'm having a hard time even remembering what I have. xD

I'm good! I'm actually taking summer classes starting this Monday, but I'll be transferring to a university so I still have two more years to go.
How about you? c:

Report | 06/29/2013 2:59 pm


Omg! It's been too long. /sob I miss you lots!
I'm so glad to see you still have the profile I made you after all this time. xD
How have you been? 8D

I'm actually just checking in. My friend kept telling me how cute the items are and she showed me some screenies. I was like: Stop it. e___e
I'm so lost right now lol.