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My last about me came off a bit cold and boring, so let's try this again haha.

Hello! I'm Tommy. I'm 17 and I'm from Lousiana! I've been on gaia since I was an 8 year old (odd, I know), and have left a few times here and there but I've been here most of that time.

I really love talking to people, and listening to their problems to. If you need someone to talk to or just want to make a new friend feel free to message me! Random PM's are welcome (I'd rather you add me after a few message exchanges, but if you want to add me first that's okay!)

My main hobby is music. I love it. I listen to it pretty much every hour of the day, and I make music too. If you want to hear my stuff (It's instrumental hiphop with a little electronic influence) you can find it here! My favorite musicians are in my sig, but I have many more. The ones I have in my sig are really mainstream and are many people's favorites, but I just wanted to put stuff in there that people would know. Ask me what my other favorites are if you want!

I occsionally game. I really love the legend of Zelda series, some indie games here and there, the mega man battle network series, grand theft auto, animal crossing, etc etc.

I don't watch much anime anymore but I do like Naruto and I am currently catching up (started from the beginning), so if you like naruto and want to talk about it I'm up for that too.

Bye for now~!

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