[under construction]
    different styles of art including traditional, textured, pixel.
    novels: fantasy, romance, war, kingdoms
    a bit of photography.
    rendering in building designs. (finally finished my course -yes!)
    Spanish language - hola coma estas bonita/bonito!
    some interest in cooking/baking.
    of course music, a variety of the genres. /not so heavy metal...
    instrumental music, mostly piano. also like the violin and sometimes a mixed of flute and guzheng


    a tad more:
    generally unapproachable irl
    introvert, not very sociable
    has 2 life goals
    likes to annoy people when bored
    just want. to. squeeze. chubby babies /crazily adores
    likes the smell of laundry powder
    likes the laundry powder aisle
    can be very random and troll-like online though can't keep a convo flowing -even worse irl
    pro procrastinator but i do get things done even if it means no sleeping
    very bad at studying for exams /studies in the last 3 hours like i am totally going to ace it
    wouldn't say i am knowledgeably smart but pretty clever with tactics /evilly grins
    am always right -even though i mispronounce things, i am right! ok? xD
    not one to hold grudges though you will however put me off on trust
    very lazy
    to the point food can be bothersome
    perfectionist -the reason why i get put off on doing things is because i want everything to be perfect to the point it makes it hard hence the procrastination/laziness
    dislikes: hate.
    also dislikes: uncaring/cruel people. #violence #molesting #bullying /i admit i USED to slightly bully when i was a kid -twice. i was one of them bystanders who went with the flow and took part in the ditching.
    -sometimes say and do things without thinking. what things? like
    picking my nose?
    mhmm i am not perfect but i honestly do mean no harm :')

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    "if we do not feel grateful for what we already have, what makes us think we'd be happy with more?"

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