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hi there, welcome to my profile!
my name's chelsea, but just call me chelly.
i'm a happy-go-lucky ginger kid. c:
well, i'm technically an adult butohwell.
i have a very obsessive personality.
some of my obsessions include:
fashion, pokemon, and my little pony. <3
my dream is to become a famous pastry chef.
or a fashion designer...or a porn director...
i'm going to live in a penthouse in new york too.
along with my 72 cats and pet owl.
hm...i'm not sure what else to say about myself.
i'm shy, but i love meeting new people.
send me a message/comment sometime? :D

other places you can find me
xx Last.Fm xx
xx Youtube xx
xx Formspring xx
xx Tumblr xx
i also have facebook, just ask. (:


Grabby hands. ; o;

Lovely Creepers <3