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"I may be cute but I can still beat you up."

Actual fantasy game bi love interest.

Art by Miss Squiggly

Thank you Meep Chan and sunarii! ;u;

OOC, I write without changing color.
Frozy speaks in violet.

We all miss you, Lamia.


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Birthday: 11/15

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Thanks for visiting my profile! Here's some things about me;

  • I have many nicknames, but feel free to call me Frozy or Lola.

  • I'm a 3rd year university student majoring in Social Work.

  • I've been a WGer since 2007 but I go on hiatuses because of my studies+irl stuff.

  • I love video games, arts and crafts, reading, and collecting cute things.

  • I spend a lot of my time studying, watching tv shows/anime, and making things.

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yixis Report | 07/09/2016 9:31 pm
that's nice to hear!
i have some review classes haha. but i'm trying my best to be productive at all times!!!!
yixis Report | 07/08/2016 12:03 am
nothing much!! just wanted a change :~]
so how's it going?
yixis Report | 07/07/2016 11:30 pm
aw ty! u too!!
and p.s i changed my username (sunarii>>yixis) just in case u don't know smile
Knight of Plagues Report | 07/07/2016 12:15 pm
I'm not sure to be honest. Probably do something with my friends, but we'll see how many of them are free... my birthday falls on a Monday this year Dx
Knight of Plagues Report | 07/07/2016 11:48 am
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!


Really, thank you, I appreciate it a lot <3
yixis Report | 07/06/2016 12:16 am
helloooo :')))
Mademoiselle Alvinette Report | 02/19/2016 7:02 pm
Oh gosh, I need to watch happy things! Happy stuff helps me de-stress.
Mademoiselle Alvinette Report | 02/19/2016 6:41 pm
I should probably check it out, then. I like cute shows. ^^
Mademoiselle Alvinette Report | 02/19/2016 2:40 pm
I haven't heard of that one! But I was so excited when they started making new Chipmunks episodes. XD
Mademoiselle Alvinette Report | 02/19/2016 2:24 pm
I'm watching the Alvin and the Chipmunks show on Nickelodeon...I promise I'm an adult! rofl

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