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Aeolian Harp

Report | 12/29/2016 3:54 pm

Aeolian Harp

Thank you for the bundle idea! And I checked the other one, it may not be cost effective at the moment but It s good to know that it exists!

:cc May I see some of your items? Would love to buy some cc: !!

I won the arena (2nd place RP) with what I believe is below average quality >,>;;
So it can t be so unfair. I do question the algorithm that determines which avatars are voted for however.

Yeah I understand. he s returned yet we are still constantly spammed with announcements..
At least he s creating a dialogue with the community in SF.
Aeolian Harp

Report | 12/26/2016 7:20 pm

Aeolian Harp

Omg now I feel like a chump for buying those dolls xD
Thanks so much!! I saw there was another one but it's 400b e-e;;

I really did xD

I heard that it goes down during events because Gaia can't find a way for new items not to leak?? Not sure if that's true.
But in the time I've been back I'd say I got to use it maybeee two weeks.

Yeahh I heard about the rigged runways too :/
One of the reasons I decided to really leave.
And I'm happy my friends still stay! A really good one has been driven off though and that sucks. She was so much fun D:
The others are mostly artists who sell art for pretty high so I can see why they stay.
I'm just hoping lanzer returning shifts gaia's focus away from cash cow to an actual community.
Aeolian Harp

Report | 12/26/2016 5:18 pm

Aeolian Harp

I'm mostly just picking up an cheap dollies I don't have so there's none I must have.

Ahhh noppeee. I splurged and bought it xD
Came back and GCash was so cheap!!

I know. I remember when it actually took effort to make an avatar that matched :/
Then again we also had tektek so that made it easier.

Mmm noot suree. I've been catching up with old Gaian buddies and gifting items mostly xD
And trying to enter runway but I'm not so great at that yet xD
Aeolian Harp

Report | 12/24/2016 2:27 pm

Aeolian Harp

Thank-q for the dolls!

I wish I would have known D:
I sold a rainbow ticket a few weeks ago! Would've been happy to discount it for you.

I tried looking for other avatar sites but nothing felt as good as Gaia. Maybe it's just home for me xD
Yeah I did leave like Xmas of 2014 due to inflation. Really got fed up with all the announcements (they're still doing it) and GCash.
Aeolian Harp

Report | 12/24/2016 5:09 am

Aeolian Harp

Ohh do you have a list of them? I'd be happy to buy them from you c:

And it's great to see you again!
Aeolian Harp

Report | 12/12/2016 6:00 pm

Aeolian Harp

Hi hi :c
Thanks for the dollie sells!
Aeolian Harp

Report | 11/04/2013 7:49 am

Aeolian Harp

Hehe I enjoyed hunting for all the rares too. But somehow my boyfriend finds them in like 5 mins when I spend like 30 mins looking for a specific thing arghhh.
It's like the pokemans universe mocks me.
I think the ninja frog looks pretty neat xD
Much better than the final evo for fennekin at least. I was kind of disappointed with my starter :<

GW2 definitely has more western influences though. Then again I'm not really sure what asian influences in mmos would be D:
All I think about are cheap Chinese mmos xD
Oh wait! Something like PSO?

Meh I hate the event. I'm just here to dress my pixels and laugh every time Flynn comes back.
I think at this point I'm past the denial point and more into the acceptance.
Aeolian Harp

Report | 11/01/2013 5:58 pm

Aeolian Harp

Hehe did you see the evolution? I think I like pumpkaboo un-evolved.. Like whismur.. And that bunny thing that turns into Diggersby..

Well I dunno what to talk about but the game focuses on events and exploration. And also skill. You get de-leveled to match the monsters around you.
So I like it! Really different from all the Asian side scrolling MMOs I play.

Yeah it really does :/
You see anyone with godmode? I loled when I saw Gaia desperately trying to sell CS items for the event.
Yeah they do :< No good times just good loot.
Aeolian Harp

Report | 11/01/2013 5:36 pm

Aeolian Harp

Totes coo. Saw you on pokemans and spammed nice a couple of time~
Plus we're both college kids so I know how it can be.

And I got GW2 so there's my week xD
I never played WoW :c I was totally scared I'd get too suckered in.
My boyfriend and I always joked on subbing to toontown xD

GW2 is a one time fee of just buying the game. I actually bought it for 30 bucks when they were having a sale so yay!
Btw totes fuuuun. Love the exploration and how the rest of the game handles. I could go on but I'll save you a wall of text.

Same same! I feel like PvP can show really bad sides of humanity :/
It just feeds on ego really.
I kinda don't like those social games where you smack around other people too.
We should all work together and harmonizeeee~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /end hippe talk

Aeolian Harp

Report | 10/26/2013 5:35 pm

Aeolian Harp

Sorry to make you reminisce Dx
But I can see it.. Just went on my guy mule and whewww. Huge feet.

Yeah I'd never play an MMO that required a monthly subscription.
Interesting eh xD?
I suppose we should just leave it at that :>

Oh man there is definitely sometimes condescending attitude of "pro" vs. "newbie" players.
Sometimes asshats just go around saying "you suck" and "report x for sucking". Crap like that. It's all because it takes "skill"
to play.
Omigosh Internet Psych club AHAHA. Best bs ever.
My friends and I agree.. Much better to play with friends. That way they won't hate you if you guys just wanna fool around.
It is fun to play but most of the fun can be taken out when people get too competitive.
Seriously sometimes it's like too stressful to play pvp games.

Thanks! I was surprised to see layering worked in my favor.