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Aeolian Harp

Report | 11/04/2013 7:49 am

Aeolian Harp

Hehe I enjoyed hunting for all the rares too. But somehow my boyfriend finds them in like 5 mins when I spend like 30 mins looking for a specific thing arghhh.
It's like the pokemans universe mocks me.
I think the ninja frog looks pretty neat xD
Much better than the final evo for fennekin at least. I was kind of disappointed with my starter :<

GW2 definitely has more western influences though. Then again I'm not really sure what asian influences in mmos would be D:
All I think about are cheap Chinese mmos xD
Oh wait! Something like PSO?

Meh I hate the event. I'm just here to dress my pixels and laugh every time Flynn comes back.
I think at this point I'm past the denial point and more into the acceptance.
Aeolian Harp

Report | 11/01/2013 5:58 pm

Aeolian Harp

Hehe did you see the evolution? I think I like pumpkaboo un-evolved.. Like whismur.. And that bunny thing that turns into Diggersby..

Well I dunno what to talk about but the game focuses on events and exploration. And also skill. You get de-leveled to match the monsters around you.
So I like it! Really different from all the Asian side scrolling MMOs I play.

Yeah it really does :/
You see anyone with godmode? I loled when I saw Gaia desperately trying to sell CS items for the event.
Yeah they do :< No good times just good loot.
Aeolian Harp

Report | 11/01/2013 5:36 pm

Aeolian Harp

Totes coo. Saw you on pokemans and spammed nice a couple of time~
Plus we're both college kids so I know how it can be.

And I got GW2 so there's my week xD
I never played WoW :c I was totally scared I'd get too suckered in.
My boyfriend and I always joked on subbing to toontown xD

GW2 is a one time fee of just buying the game. I actually bought it for 30 bucks when they were having a sale so yay!
Btw totes fuuuun. Love the exploration and how the rest of the game handles. I could go on but I'll save you a wall of text.

Same same! I feel like PvP can show really bad sides of humanity :/
It just feeds on ego really.
I kinda don't like those social games where you smack around other people too.
We should all work together and harmonizeeee~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /end hippe talk

Aeolian Harp

Report | 10/26/2013 5:35 pm

Aeolian Harp

Sorry to make you reminisce Dx
But I can see it.. Just went on my guy mule and whewww. Huge feet.

Yeah I'd never play an MMO that required a monthly subscription.
Interesting eh xD?
I suppose we should just leave it at that :>

Oh man there is definitely sometimes condescending attitude of "pro" vs. "newbie" players.
Sometimes asshats just go around saying "you suck" and "report x for sucking". Crap like that. It's all because it takes "skill"
to play.
Omigosh Internet Psych club AHAHA. Best bs ever.
My friends and I agree.. Much better to play with friends. That way they won't hate you if you guys just wanna fool around.
It is fun to play but most of the fun can be taken out when people get too competitive.
Seriously sometimes it's like too stressful to play pvp games.

Thanks! I was surprised to see layering worked in my favor.
Aeolian Harp

Report | 10/26/2013 2:57 pm

Aeolian Harp

Haha yeah tons of pee pee leg mods. I dunno why but I'm a sucker for them.
But recently formula is if item has peepee leg mod it directly correlates with how much it costs..
I haven't worked with the male base so I didn't know about that D:

So many MMOs these dayyyys.
GW2 is p2p in the sense you buy the game once and can buy ingame cosmetics.
But the classes sound fun so I'm all game.
Haven't tried PW.
GC kinda looks like latale :c

Most of my friends play LoL.. I kinda played with them but it's wayyyy too competitive for me.

Oh it's cool. I'm supposed to be studying atm now anyways xD
Hope you find a way to connect :/
My school wifi doesn't allow my 3DS to connect either. I figure since you have to log in.
Aeolian Harp

Report | 10/26/2013 2:38 pm

Aeolian Harp

I checked the mp cause I wanted to buy it xD

Oh yeah the avatars are much smaller.
Recently though Gaia has been pushing more body mods to help complement the hand and big feeeeets.
Gaia has been putting some animated items more frequently but they're really not super animated.
So yeah I see your point.
I guess what I'm looking for is an MMO then xD
Might go into gw2 since my boyfriend still plays.

Ugh I picked sail... Cause I thought the pokemanz would be prettier.
either way I love GTS. Got a Tyrunt through that :>
Aeolian Harp

Report | 10/26/2013 2:29 pm

Aeolian Harp

Lololol cracking up. Never knew we had that item.
Aeolian Harp

Report | 10/26/2013 2:28 pm

Aeolian Harp

Orleanzz I need your FC xD
I think most of Vengence/GCD/SF is just waiting for the first idiot who drops 500 bucks on a 2 week event that's halfway done.

Yeah I just checked a huge list of avatar sites.
None of them are as clean as Gaia :/

It's cool xD
I got all the starters.
Did you pick the rexy or the weird uhm.. Rock ice thing?
Aeolian Harp

Report | 10/26/2013 10:34 am

Aeolian Harp

Oh before the launch of the event Gaia posted 2 company messages to the community
Also banned people who mentioned the current CEO's name.

By the way in Lanzer's post
At the same time, our team tries really hard to make sure that all our core features remain to be free.
All community features, the tens of thousands of gold shop items, every Gaia event with its event items,
Towns, mini games, guilds, and other mini events plus story lines are all free for you as a Gaian. "

Pretty much lies. Killed the Halloween event unless you cash.
Impossible to get the recolors in the Candy Crush rip off Which is why this is 2.5m.

I can't support the website with the way it's being run but I've been here since 2007 so it's a hard habit to kick.
Aeolian Harp

Report | 10/26/2013 10:28 am

Aeolian Harp

Oh I see! I had a test last week too so I understand.
I got like 3 tests this week e-e;;

Okay so the Halloween event when it first launched was okay.
Rogues were having a hard time hitting and clerics' score were based on kills despite them hitting like 10 damage crits.
So Uncle Kenny fixed it.
And people were happy.
Then I guess it was so successful that Gaia decided to keep the battle system even after the event.
After this announcement all of a sudden weird stuff happened.
Energy costs jumped around (so went from like 5/10/15 to like 10/20/30 back to like 8/10/15 or whatever).
Normally it wouldn't be a problem because Barton sold 1k energy potions to heal 10% back.
Without warning and the fact that it was still priced at 1k, I and tons of other players bought tons since we were already conditioned for a few days.
Turns out they jacked it up to 25k with no staff announcement and the potion still being priced at 1k.
So basically a lot of gold was lost.
They still haven't acknowledged it yet and there's still the 10% hp potion in the shops at 1k just to mock the players.
They also decreased the energy regen time by like half to nudge players into buying the stupid CS regen pots.
Oh not to mention they released "boss mode" and "god mode" at like 250 and 500 dollars.

Ahaha and I read recently about their candy crush rip off. They made it impossible to get all the Halloween recolors unless you use GC.
Not to mention the game is a huge buggy mess people who did use GC didn't pass levels and thus basically wasted like around 300+ GC.

I really don't know. I keep telling myself I'll quit but I keep coming back to sell and buy items..
I really love the avatar system.. Halp me find a better avatar site plz xD
Jk. I guess I'll slowly ween myself off Gaia and try to find a replacement.

FC: 0619-3570-9132
Let me know if you need any pokemanz! Totally bred tons of Froakies, Charmanders, and Fennekins ahah.