gettin too old for this

hi my name is andrew im 24 and a constant disappointment to my dad.


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be nice

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DiIdo Gagginz Report | 10/09/2015 11:28 pm
I have to dye it back to blonde pretty soon sad
DiIdo Gagginz Report | 10/09/2015 9:59 pm
Thnak u redface
DiIdo Gagginz Report | 10/09/2015 9:58 pm
You're cute okay redface
A Violent Honey Badger Report | 10/05/2015 3:36 pm

eittol Report | 08/15/2015 2:57 pm
no im not rita ora wish i was tho
SadCorn Report | 08/04/2015 4:12 am
beyonce-kun Report | 07/25/2015 5:45 pm
i luv sausage!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how r u??
beyonce-kun Report | 07/25/2015 5:38 pm
4laugh 4laugh 4laugh 4laugh emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart
Octjillery Report | 07/15/2015 5:59 pm
It's been a long time now, so I'm okay.
And I was mostly angry at the time, more so than sad.

We haven't really been close in years, but we still say hi on
Facebook from time to time.
He does drag at clubs and stuff, and it's pretty neat. lol

And yeah, that's why I came back.
Pretty much everyone I talked to is gone, but I met some new people,
and I'm glad you're still around!
Octjillery Report | 07/13/2015 3:37 pm
I missed you too!

I've had my degree since December 2013, but I haven't used it yet.
Still working at the job I had before,and substituting.
Though now it's summer so not subbing at the moment.
But I make better money doing it because I have the degree.

I don't think I ever really got much of a chance to talk to you about it, but,
in January of 2012, that guy Henry I'd been with for three years committed suicide.
It was kind of hard being on Gaia since I met him here.
So I was on and off that year, and then just kind of stopped logging in for two years.

But I thought about you and some other friends all the time. I really missed talking to you.