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my / may / mushi
semi-hiatus bec uni
1225 - enfp - vietnadian
cb, rp, zomg
art/gfx requests;; {closed}
rp;; {currently in 0}--xie u ma daisy
i like kpoop, marvel/dc, and movies
dean and daniel caesar purify my soul
sc/skyp/disc/twitter;; ask
major shout outs to these beautiful people;

(if I'm missing u holla I'll add u baes)
lisa is my lover and spirit animal & mark is the third wheel--
alex is daDDy material and alexis is my hot mami

angie, wifu, bum(onica), aislynne
rebecca, cas, sen, sus
tatsunoko/idol gang
chelly, blargh, joey, kowai, hoose
dio, misa, hime, chia, panda
via, sangria, kimmie, lauren

pon, lance, ryno, kure
idk how all of you deal with my bs :^)

note about gifting event
-- start: 11/10 till 12/22
going to be gifting for 2k17 sooooo accept my love okok
start a gift war with me and I will rek you so don't pls