[Superbi Squalo | Katekyo Hitman Reborn!] arrogant shark
[Undertaker | Kuroshitsuji ] undertaking
[Koizumi Itsuki | The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya] ltsuki Koizumi
[Decus | Tales of Symphonia: Knight of Ratatosk] Kimoi Decus
[Mariya Shido | Maria ✝ Holic] Mariya Shido
[Haine Rammensteiner | DOGS: Bullets & Carnage] h a i n e dogs
[Yazoo | Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children] Velvet Bullets
[Saix | Kingdom Hearts Series] [ The Luna Diviner ]
[Roxas | Kingdom Hearts Series] Virtual Key
[Anise | Tales of the Abyss] Puppeteer Anise
[The Frappuccino| mule ]

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do you love this s**t?
are you high right now?
do you ever get nervous?
i heard you ******** your girl, is it true?
you getting money?
you think them niggas you with is with you?