"Living is using time given to you. You cannot recall lost time."


Ok hello there, I'm Fragarial. You all can call me Frag or Fragi though. I've been on gaia for a couple years and am usually found playing zOMG. I'm just a penniless, friendless, lonely child who made this account to make pretty avatars.

If you ever need anyone to talk to for any reason, send a PM. I know life is hard and if you need someone there, I'll be there.

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Summer Goals

✎Finish HS Stuff
✎Finish College Stuff
✎Study Language
✎Learn how to drive
✎Uhm...Find hobbies



My USA favorite movie is "The Departed." Hands down. Suspenseful and unexpected lol.

However, my international favorite movie is Deathnote because although different from anime it was unique, captivating, and just awesome.


Reality--Project Runway is one of my favorite shows Idk I watched like every season and its just really inspirational. There are some really talented people on the show and its exciting to see what the designers come up with.

Comedy--Impractical Jokers is one of the most funniest things I've watched. It is just hilarious, if you're sad or depressed, watch an episode, it will really make your day better! Really Funny!

Drama-- Downton Abbey, I saw this got an award at some rewards and decided to watch it and I found I really liked it. Idk at first I was skeptical but I mean its pretty captivating and unexpected.


Classic--Utopia by Thomas More. Wow. It was enlightening. Pretty philosophical, neat ideas. It's a satire. And I'm horrible at spotting satire but I actually got it and I laughed at the things I read it was a nice experience. Also, I like how More put himself in the book that's something I would do lol.

Young Adult- Airhead by Meg Cabot. This book I found through Gaia. So yeah without being on here I would have never read it. I really enjoyed it. Unique plot and I was interested in what was going to happen next. Read the whole triology.

Book Book- Listening for Lions by Glorida Wilhelm. Although targeted at a younger audience, I cried throughout the majority of this book. I mean the emotion you feel and the kindness and empathy demonstrated in the book. Just wow. Gives me goosebumps.


Okay... Music. Music. Many people disrespect others' based on their music choices, which I think is wrong. Music does not solely define someone. These people should stop judging the person without knowing why. If I said I like rap, people are going to automatically assume I have no taste in music, shallow, etc. There are just so much stereotypes with music is annoying. People think if you like country, you are sweet and innocent, if you like mainstream your are stuck up, etc. And wow, people should realize that their "assumptions" are usually wrong and should not judge people on music preferences.

Yet, people still will... because people will always judge you for the most absurd things.

Okay lol well anyway, I like almost all music.

Alternative->I love Almost every single one of Muse's songs. Yeah just everything about them...Just really good band...with great music. I also started liking "Sweater Weather" by The Neighborhood. And OMG how can I forget, "Mr. Brightside" by the Killers one the best songs ever!

Electronic Rock--> Celldweller. Wow like Great band Love it. Listen to "Erasus" and "BlackStar." Just some really cool songs.

Progressive Rock--> I'm addicted to "Welcome Home" by Coheed and Cambria! But their other songs are really good too!

Crunk--> Blood on the Dance Floor have some pretty cool songs like "Lovestruck."

Metal-->Metallica's "Master of Puppets" is really good.

Classical-->Between 2 songs probably... First of All I love "Requiem For a Dream." Wow love. I also like Tchaikovsky's "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy!"

Country--> Well lol. The first Country song I ever liked was Kenny Chesney's "Don't Blink" on the bus.

Indie--> I really like The XX's "Crystalized," "Angels" and "Islands." I really like indie like A LOT.

Mainstream--> Changes I should really do like song reviews at the bottom about this... cause a lot of songs come out...I've realized that I like songs that contain close in them so "I Feel So Close"(calvin harris) "Closer"(neyo) and "Too Close" (alex clare) are all songs that I really like.

**I don't like Taylor Swift, Jessie J, Pitbull, even Macklemore because well his songs have are suppose to be like open-minded and like for human rights yet he puts down people by making making sterotypical false remarks. :L I mean c'mon..if you want people to be more accepting you can start with yourself and not make judgments about people in your lyrics. :c

Pop-->Adam Lambert's songs I enjoy them and Britney's stuff.

Rap-- >I think my all time favorite is Kirko Bangz's "Drank In My Cup." I actually do like rap. I like most of Drake's songs or the ones he's featured in like "Headlines" but OMG I hate "Started From the Bottom" like wow so gah horrible...i like Eminem...like some of his stuff like "Love the Way You Lie"..Oh and some of Lil Wayne's stuff to like "Prom Queen." LOL. *Tries to dodge the tomatos*

R&B-->Uh yeah surprisingly I like Frank Ocean's "Thinking About You" because I don't know he seems really passionate about it. Uhm yeah I also like Mary J. Blige...lol.

Spanish--> Don Omar's "Danza Kuduro" y "Ella No Sigue Modas." Oh y Daddy Yankee's "Gasolina" también.

Dance-->"Ghosts and Stuff" by deamou5 feat. Rob Swire. Prolly fav.


I don't have those.



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I'm opting for a major in general science for now, i may switch to biological science later. I feel so overwhelmed lol @_@ my course registration is in one day! I'm going to for sure take essentials like a couple of first year bio courses and first year chem. i'm also looking at computer science and an animation course. is your computer science involving a lot of math? i might do a math course, but there's a choice between algebra and calculus and i didn't take high school calculus and ughhhhhh D8
i talked to a school counseller yesterday about some classes, but there's so many choices lol xD
I'm definitely not taking a completely full course; i'm going for 12 credit hours per semester and hopefully i can manage that sweatdrop

Report | 04/04/2014 1:48 am


Hey, will you tell me a bit about what kind of courses you're taking in each semester of your first year?
I've been ignoring everything that has to do with university; i'm looking at all the different courses and the organization of what you have to take etc etc, and i'm just totally freaking out.

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there's smashblox and shark attack, but i've never tried them. I personally would be ecstatic if they added some new jigsaw puzzles... i've played each picture more than twice D8

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other than spending real money on this site for gaia cash, i have no idea. well, theres also some games where theres a big jackpot of gold too.

Report | 03/26/2014 1:30 am


yeugh studying D8
haha i havent been on zomg in forever. idk if ppl even play it anymore without assembling a team of friends.

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aww boo x.x i got handful of stomachaches from all this dried squid in the past couple days haha. i cant/don't want to sleep, so im just on gaia

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ahah omg sounds delicious. worries, be gone!!!! scream

Report | 03/26/2014 1:09 am


ive been eating so much in the past few days. o.o maybe out of worry idk i love food

Report | 03/26/2014 12:02 am


its a dried squid snack lol. spicy though, and i can't handle too much spicy D8

Report | 03/25/2014 10:32 pm


Ahah yeah, hopefully it turns out to be ok, for you as well @___@

i'm stuffing dried squid in my mouth x.x