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darknova1111 Report | 09/29/2014 4:28 am
Hey! I am amazing and super happy right now. >.< even if I have to work today too.
How about you?
Kurogane Weisshart Report | 09/22/2014 8:09 pm
Kurogane Weisshart
Fighting American Report | 09/19/2014 6:24 am
Fighting American

Oh, yeah? It's still a job--for now. Of course you've have that great career when you finally finish school. Stay strong always. Your son depends on your strength.

Awww, I'm sorry. I don't do weekends anymore, because my friends all grew up, married, and moved on to other things. I'm not young, anymore. sad
Fighting American Report | 09/18/2014 9:38 pm
Fighting American
I'm sorry, sweetheart--but I'm glad you're good. Your body needs plenty of rest now.

I am, indeed. Though I don't have a weekend life, anymore.
Fighting American Report | 09/18/2014 9:20 pm
Fighting American
Hey yourself, honey. I'm good. How are you?
jynx013 Report | 09/18/2014 12:45 pm
No it's fine you don't have to be sorry about it! I was just afraid you were someone I had known and felt bad that I didn't recognize you.
jynx013 Report | 09/17/2014 8:37 pm
Well that's good! Sorry to ask, but do I know you? sweatdrop
jynx013 Report | 09/17/2014 5:08 pm
Hello! I'm great, thank you for asking. How are you?
Spider the bounty hunter Report | 09/13/2014 9:42 am
Spider the bounty hunter
I have an interview on Tuesday so fingers crossed xd
Spider the bounty hunter Report | 09/12/2014 10:34 am
Spider the bounty hunter
lucky you biggrin