My name is Scott. I am Caucasian and of the male gender and prefer being submissive. I'm 6 feet tall and 140 pounds. I have beautiful blue eyes. I have blond hair almost shoulder length. I'm generally a nice person if you're nice to me. And if you aren't nice, I'll probably just make fun of you if I'm bored. I enjoy helping people and I love seeing smiles and hearing laughs.

I play videogames, probably more than I should. My friend says I'm unhealthy at Resident Evil 4. I have to agree. Fire Emblem and Super Mario games are also a favorite of mine. My friend Ryan can kick your butt at any Super Smash Brothers game. I beat him once. I threw the controller out of his hand though, and it was still a pretty close match.

I joke around a lot and don't take things seriously unless I feel it is necessary. I make racist jokes, make fun of my own sexuality, sometimes joke I'm a necrophiliac, I'm not a necrophiliac by the way. I'm not racist either. I have my own internet show with a bunch of my friends. It's just a little something to keep us out of trouble and not bored. It's called "Party Show."

I do not smoke or drink. I do not have any piercings or tattoos. It's not my things, but I don't mind if either people do these or have these. Lip or tongue piercings are pretty sexy though. <3

I do a lot of parkouring, free running and martial arts tricking and I live in a wealthy neighborhood so it's a very fun combination.
My neighbor and I have been doing this for a few years now and love it. And of course, I get injured. A little too much. Though nothing too serious. I've fractured my left shoulder jumping off a swing in fourth grade. Peppy told me to do a barrel roll. It didn't turn out so well. I've sprained both my ankles twice and my left wrist once. I've never been fully knocked out. I have no allergies and no diseases, physical or mental.

I'm a fan of the arts. I enjoy complex things and complexity in simple things. My friend Catherine is an amazing artist and painter. She also has her own comic series based off the Chao in Sonic The Hedgehog.

Music is very important to me, I play five instruments: Tuba, drumset, piano, recorder, and saxophone. I also sing. My range is from a mid baritone to a mid alto. My falsetto sounds pretty realistic as well. I can also beatbox, which can get fairly annoying. I'm in a band where I play drumset and sing. My friend Andrew B. plays guitar and sings. He can scream as well. And Ryan plays bass.

What I like:
-My friends.
-Sex with boys.
-My metabolism.
-Trolls in the GD.
-Helping people.
-TV, mostly Comedy Central, USA, and FX.
-The beach.
-Amusement parks.
-Heights, and jumping from them.
-Sword fighting and fencing.

What I dislike:
-My laziness.
-Anything new on Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon.
-4Kids entertainment.
-People who use a disposition as a crutch or a way to justify their actions.
-Society in general.
-Larry the Cable Guy and Carlos Mencia.
-Reality show. And the "Actuality" crap too, you're not fooling anyone.
-My brother's actions and attitude.
-People who force religion on others.
-Greedy people.
-People who think they are better than others
-People who think they are random.

I'm open-minded. I'm very sarcastic at times. I'm an overall lazy person who enjoys life. If you try to be random, you automatically aren't. And it's obvious when you try.

Politics is a side interest, current events to be exact. I'm not too much of a fan of early US history or European history. I'm more into the tactics of battle and old time kings before and around the year 1300.
I'm a liberal and I think changing the definition of a conservative would be funny. Communism would be effective in ending the poverty and inflation in the USA. Too bad society is too afraid of Communism thanks to McCarthy. The closest thing now is The Novos Party, I suppose that will suffice for now.

If pot were legalized, we'd have a whole new industry and it would improve the economy. I don't smoke pot though.

I have a giveaway thread, it's annoying at times. Too many people suck up, but I like my friends that I met there.

Organized religion can corrupt people, but I do enjoy the teachings of Muhammad, the prophecies of Nostradamus, reading of the similarities between Judaism and Islam. The lifestyle of Siddhartha Gautama along with the beliefs of Jesus Christ. Vishnu is also an interesting character, everything and nothing I suppose. Though I am Christian. Baptist to be specific. I love my church.

I do not like to read fiction books. Nonfiction however, is amazing. I love reading psychology, philosophy, sociology, and survival books for the most part. Neurology is also very interesting to me. I love astronomy and how early maps were based off the stars. I enjoy the things that are unable to be explained fully, black holes, worm holes, dark matter, other dimensions, etcetera.

If you PM me about anything I have mentioned, I can talk for hours. xD

I love, comma, splices.

Everything is awesome. Fundamentally.
-Bickford Schmeckler's Epic Sex Poem.


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Hoooooly s**t.
I remember you.
A n g e h

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A n g e h

Shakespearean Quotations

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Shakespearean Quotations

Have you left us?

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fox boy is still alive lol whats happening. i check this site out every month or 2 to see whats up.

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can i please have 1mil or more?because my last account had been deleted for no reason and i had lusty and angelic manner and almost 1mil and i lost it all.please?i'd love you forever
Tien Sade

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Tien Sade

You still come on gaia?
I thought you left...?

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miss you. find me on fb? cathyrobinson4u

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could u buy my 600,000 hat i dont want 1mil i want 600,000 plz here is link http://www.gaiaonline.com/marketplace/itemdetail/16337/ gud luk in life heart

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Goodbye. hope u have a good life biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin gaia waz fun but when ppl leave it gets worse hope u have a great time in life biggrin


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