You can call me Sassy,
I am 40/Writer/Female

emotion_bigheart Likes :

Animals, fasion, World of Warcraft,
my kitchen (love to bake & cook),
Art, PC-games, Coffee, LOVE my cat,
writing poetry and short stories.

emotion_puke Dislikes :

To be honest, there is little that I
dislike and I can't think of any at
this moment, but I'll be sure to add
them in if I come to realize what
that might be.



♥ My notebook ♥


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Thanks for taking a look at my store, have a great day/evening! emotion_c8 Enjoy the items
Fondling Endearment

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Fondling Endearment

Oh gosh, thank you...! I'm happy to hear you like it...! ;/u/;
Zealous Hawk

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Zealous Hawk

I love you heart


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