Name: Foreverlight , Evey, Eve, Light, Eli, Lee, Lili ^w^

Another small update ^^

Hello I hope you all are well..

Still getting things ready for Japan ^w^ lots of fun, Yes? I'm really excited I can't wait I really hope everything works out with the program. Lately I've been cutting back my time on gaia. I still can't seem the shake this habit though. Dx

erm... Yep end of update xD

Love and Peace <3


The Inner Thoughts of an Angel

i'm not much of a writer but i will post some awsome pics every once in a while please comment!


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Report | 09/27/2010 9:54 pm

Prompt Adieu

I come back once in a while when I'm bored (:

Report | 09/22/2010 6:39 pm


xD I am.
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Report | 05/15/2010 6:58 am

Prompt Adieu

oh hello Evey 8D what are u doing on my leg there !!?

OMG BTW I moved my furniture around my apartment so I had to pack a few things
and found the gingerbread cookie container thing AND THERE WAS STILL ONE LEFT
User Image I was like "whaaaaat YES I'M TOTALLY EATING THIS"

then paid the price a few hours later sweatdrop
but it tasted so good sooooo gooooooood crying heart

ilu tehehe
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Report | 05/06/2010 12:25 am

Prompt Adieu

sigh I have this month left & I'm done
can't wait to go to ffffing Disneyworld!!

August bby cool

PS raging @gaia comment notification fail evil
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Report | 05/03/2010 9:16 pm

Prompt Adieu

Eveyyyyyy how u been heart
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Report | 03/22/2010 8:31 am

Prompt Adieu

How u been cool

gaaaah I'm rushrushrushing on my papers scream scream scream
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Report | 03/19/2010 5:34 pm

Prompt Adieu

Ahahaha omg that sounds awesome !
I've never caught a stingray beforeeee

Eveyy heart your avi looks so lovely !
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Report | 03/14/2010 9:26 pm

Prompt Adieu

Haha sounds fun !
Did you catch any big ones cool

I always seem to attract baby sharks or teenytiny baby fishies D8
so we have to throw it back in the water.. after all that hard work & patience emo
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Report | 03/12/2010 7:47 pm

Prompt Adieu

Oh wow gonk nearly everybody on Gaia has already started their spring break !

Can't wait for the end of this month now mad mad mad

What did you do over the break c:
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Report | 03/09/2010 11:10 pm

Prompt Adieu


you're already on springbreak ??
gonk lucky !


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