Hey, well, my name is Kandra, I just turned 18!

I hate going out, my room is my sanctuary, that I don't like to leave.

I'm okay with going out with the right people

I can't stand to be in the sunlight, more than and hour and I'll get a sunburn.

I live in Cali, it's where I plan to live my whole life unless I move to japan somehow

I love my little sister more than dear life itself (If I had to pick between the earth being destroyed and her, well then looks like you're going to have to find a new planet to live on.

I have an opinion on almost every subject and I have the common courtesy to keep my mouth shut when I know I need to, so don't make me open it (:

I love music, but music it's not my life.

I have no Idea where I'll be in 10yrs and I'm okay with that.

Almost everyone has had a sad past, it's your decision how you live the future.

If I love you, I'll love you forever, and vice versa.

I hate drugs, smoking,alcohol, piercings and tattoo's. >_<
-My favorite series of books that I love above all else: Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles.

I love these books:
-The Count of Monte Cristo
-Blue is for Nightmares
-Vampire Kisses
-A series of unfortunate events series
-The outsiders
-The Vampire Chronicles
-The Outsiders

-My all time favorite movie that I love above all else: Interview with the Vampire

I love these movies:
-V for Vendetta
-The count of monte cristo
-Pride and prejudice
-sleepy hallows
-Alice in wonderland (both versions)
-edward scissorhands
-pirates of the caribbeans
-Corpse bride
-Sweeny Todd
-Pan's Labyrinth
-Au Revoir Les Enfants
-Harry potter
-Beauty and the beast
-Peter pan
-Spirited away
-Howl's moving castle
-The Outsiders
and so many more

If you ask me to be your friend, I'll be the best one you've ever had.

Don't give me a reason to be a b**ch and I won't.

I love cute and cuddly <3

My favorite color is grey

and I'll add to this when I can think of anything else. (: