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"Oh my, a customer! Welcome to Forbidden Smiles. *Big smile*. Im terribly sorry my Master isnt here to tend the shop today. I am her servant, Delia. Please take a look around. Even if... we dont have anything in stock."

You smell a sweet vanilla scent in the room and Delia is patiently staring at you while you look around the tiny, wooden shelves that are barely stocked. You pick up something, Delia is looking hopeful... and then you place the object back where you picked it up.

"Sir/Mam, I dont mean to intrude your thinking process, but if you dont buy anything, my Master... *Sigh*. Yes, she will be upset. She will be upset that I did not do my job. I do not ask you to buy anything just for sympathy. I ask you to buy something that you see that you wanted to buy. You see, at Forbidden Smiles we have lower prices. We aim for below the norm. Another big smile. If you want to bargain, please message my Master and she will be glad to work with you. If you are not satisfied with the currently stocked products, please consider to come back another time. My Master likes to buy many a things and sell them when they no longer have use to her. If you need anymore assistance, please call for me. If you think I am doing a bad job, please notify my Master. She is opened for comments and Private Messages. Thank you for your time!



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