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Birthday: 09/25


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About me

The name is Andrew Sørensen-ilv.
I was born in Norway, but raised mostly in the States. I am a Libra, who takes pleasure in music and the fine arts. I have red hair, and lost my left eye in an accident many years ago, to which I remedy with an eyepatch. I'm more of a dog person as opposed to cats.
Interesting Facts:
- I have seen Sealand from the view of an airplane.
-Although I have lived in the States for the majority of my life, the Norwegian accent stuck. So yes, I make my o's sounds like a's, my w's like v's, and I've been told that I sound like I'm spitting when I speak, and that I even sound Irish.
-In case you're wondering, I do fall into the Norwegian stereotype just a bit. I don't really smile a lot, I'm pretty tall, I have very fair skin, I love nature, and it is great to be a Norwegian in Denmark. (kudos to who gets that reference)

So, that about wraps this up. If you want to know more, do ask. I don't get online a lot, but when I do, I'll try to start a chat with you.


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Lord Tirac Report | 09/21/2013 4:40 am
Lord Tirac
I haven't spoken with you since a very long time ago in 2010 on my old account. crying
Took forever to find you. emotion_hug
Ser Anneliese Report | 09/28/2012 5:29 am
Ser Anneliese
So sorry I didn't get to wish you a happy birthday on time! Hope it was good, liebe! heart
Ser Anneliese Report | 09/25/2011 5:38 am
Ser Anneliese
User Image

I hope you have a wonderful birthday, Andrew.
Ser Anneliese Report | 02/04/2011 3:11 pm
Ser Anneliese
On Valentine's Day, We Think Of Those
Who Make Our Lives Worthwhile,
Those Gracious, Friendly People Who
We Think Of With A Smile.

I Am Fortunate To Know You,
That's Why I Want To Say,
To A Rare And Special Person:
Happy Valentine's Day!
Sultry Maiden Report | 01/23/2011 4:33 pm
Sultry Maiden
You break my heart.
Symphonic Silence Report | 01/11/2011 8:38 am
Symphonic Silence
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Symph says:


Hey there. You ought to get Ciro for Sephy's eyes. c;


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S U G 4 R P L U M x Report | 01/03/2011 7:05 pm
S U G 4 R P L U M x
thanks for purchasing!
Joi mai Report | 12/28/2010 9:49 am
Joi mai
yues i am o: ?
and thanks for the comment :3
Dark_ Master_ Zero Report | 12/20/2010 7:47 pm
Dark_ Master_ Zero
Yep. =)
Dark_ Master_ Zero Report | 12/19/2010 1:42 pm
Dark_ Master_ Zero
the spectacular golden halo the animated one.