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    Foolishbox: In a relationship, Easily amused, Quiet, Timid, A lurker, Not easily angered, A procrastinator.

    Likes: Anime, Manga, Doodling, Sweets, Earl Grey Tea, Office Supplies, Food, Birds, Music that relaxes me, Happy endings. ; w ;

    Dislikes: Misunderstandings, Mornings, Paper cuts, Milk , Hot weather , Eggplants, Being Rushed, Sometimes mean people.

    On Gaia: Lazily Collects pies, lurks around , Posts around the Word Games and Others forum.
    (Uhm I do feel intimidated once in a while but I get over it. Other times I just feel that someone else might have a better response.)

    I don't have much to say most of the time and usually it takes me a while to warm up to people. Which explains why not much is listed in my profile.
    (Possibly it's because I just don't express how I feel that well enough.)

    Good job finding this. Have a cookie.


-♫- Journal only a fool would read. o3o;

//Log of past events. It's pointless but hey it's something.

Hello at first this journal began as a record of the events held here on gaia. Since I thought it would encourage me to use this often. Some parts are separate so it might be best to view by date. Unfortunantely headers also stretch the page



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Awh, really?! =o Awesome! XDDDDD

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Thanks again. I really like her. <3

And I'm glad she wasn't too bad. ;w;
The Magical Yuri Toaster

Report | 01/24/2015 11:57 pm

The Magical Yuri Toaster

I bet he is really good. It has to run in the family. heart

I'm gonna sleep now. I just drank some milk and now I'm about to pass out. emotion_zzz

emotion_hug Night night hun. Have a good day tomorrow.
The Magical Yuri Toaster

Report | 01/24/2015 11:44 pm

The Magical Yuri Toaster

Aw poor guy. That would be rough on a big dog like that. From what you have said he sounds very sweet. My sister wants to get pug but we live in an apartment and part of our lease agreement is no pets except for our one kitty cat.

Yeah I think in a job field like that you would meet all kinds of creative and cool people. I've always dated artists and people like that and I've met some interesting people through them and I have always wished I was more blessed in that area myself because it seems like such a fulfilling way to make a living. By creating something with your own hands. Creating something. I've always had a lot of admiration for that and I think it is awesome.
The Magical Yuri Toaster

Report | 01/24/2015 11:30 pm

The Magical Yuri Toaster

He's curled up to my stomach snoozing away right now. He really is a sweet cat. People get scared sometimes because he is so huge but once they are around him any amount of time see he is completely harmless and sweet.

My sister is pretty introverted but we both play video games together and watch anime and stuff. She is a lot smarter than I am though imo. sweatdrop
Well if your brother is looking for work I hope he finds something good soon. 3nodding
The Magical Yuri Toaster

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The Magical Yuri Toaster

I have two older half sisters but growing up it was just me and my sister really since they are a lot older. So we are pretty close.

He is a good kitty. I've had him since he was born (we had his mom and she went outside and never came back one day) so he is really attached to us but me the most. Everyone says I'm his mom. I'm a single parent I guess. sweatdrop
The Magical Yuri Toaster

Report | 01/24/2015 10:56 pm

The Magical Yuri Toaster

I can be like that with my sister if I'm really lonely or bored and I'm the older one. sweatdrop

My cat does that to me though. He always wants lots of attention because he is spoiled. xp
The Magical Yuri Toaster

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The Magical Yuri Toaster

Sorry I dozed off a bit. emotion_drool

I'm super tired for some reason. sweatdrop
The Magical Yuri Toaster

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The Magical Yuri Toaster

Yeah I'm glad it wasn't terrible.

I put your pixle Yuri in my siggy. heart

Make them tell you. mad Lol.
The Magical Yuri Toaster

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The Magical Yuri Toaster


Work was okay I guess. Glad to be home though.


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