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Muh Stalkers X:


Someday,we will be together.How?I do not know for love moves in mysterious ways.But love will find its way to us.Therell be hard times but like a river,our love will cut a new path whenever it meets an obstacle and flood our lives with happiness<3


Allow me to introduce myself. [:

Watakushi wa Jodel desu. [My name is Jodel] (Joe-Del). As humans, many hate being able to be read; being predictable. So they go off explaining themselves and etc as if they have something to prove. To show that they aren’t just part of the anybody group, but a somebody. To show that they’re different from those around them. I suppose laying down such words may seem to give a person a general idea about them, but to be honest… I’d rather talk to someone when wanting to know about them. So let’s talk shall we? :]

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Who am I? 24601


cherish the memories<3

Life is a road I wanna keep going Love is a river I wanna keep flowing Life is a road Now and forever, Wonderful journey<3

Don't Judge Don't judge people you hardly know You don't know what their day has been like. You don't know what their life has been like. Don't judge. Don't judge someone who seems As if they're overreacting. You don't know if they has lost someone They loved dearly Or if their parents are getting a divorce Or fighting over nothing. Don't judge. Don't judge someone who is different. They may be one of the nicest people you'll know. Or the funniest. Or the smartest. Take the time to get to know people. Walk with them. Run with them. Share their triumphs and their sorrows. Maybe they don't dance through life As you thought. Don't judge. ~Lealia Xiong(12yrs old) from Connecticut.~ Thanks for reading.