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Occupation: Freelance audio engineer

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Emilie Autumn - Girls! Girls! Girls! (Live)

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About my character:
"Pretty much every avi I have is a portrayal of my OC, Pyra. Pyra is a Native American fox/shadow spirit. Though the avi uses cat ears and a wolf tail, it is the closest thing I have to make her appear as the silver/black fox that she is. She also lacks human ears, so any piercings the avi has in her human ears are actually supposed to be in the fox ears. She was born in 1770 and stopped aging naturally in her early 20s, instead aging one year for every 30, so her current biological age is 27 (Earth age 244). Her race generally lives into their 700s (biological age) She's pansexual and a huge flirt. She's a pretty skilled fighter, preferring blades as her weapons, but is not above flirting or seducing her way through things. 'Pyra' is a nickname, her real name is a WIP, that I haven't quite figured out. Generally found in the WG forums, occasionally in RP forums. I'll post more about her later."

My name is Rachael, but I also answer to Bagel, Mafia, Worgen, and Jack, though 99.9% of people on Gaia just call me Bagel. I am a freelance audio engineer, I graduated from the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Arizona, interned at Groovemaster Recording Studios in Chicago, and am now back in Kentucky. I still have no idea what I was going to add to this.

Battle Tag: Ask
Steam: Ask

RIP, William.

"Lo' there do I see my Fathers.
Lo’ there do I see my Mothers.
Lo’ there do I see my Brothers and my Sisters.
Lo' there do I see the line of my people back to the Beginning.
Lo' They call to me.
They bid me to take my place among Them, in the Halls of Valhalla,
Where the Brave may live forever."

I love you so much, baby girl...
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Guess who's back, back again?
Bagel's back, tell a friend.
And then run and hide in your various places of residence.

I respond to 'Bagel'.

On a neverending quest for everything on my wishlist.

Currently: Soul Collector.

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"Irish hookers make me happy..."-Mouse
"Of course they do..."-Rachael

"Then, Green Day talks about their new album, 21st Century Breakdown. I believe it's about Windows Vista."-Stephen Colbert


"All I understood was "Camaro" and "exhaust"..."-Me
"Man, you fail..."-Zack

"All they have is AIDs..."-Me
"..."-Everyone else
"I mean diet..."-Me

"It's 108 degrees, but THAT'S OKAY BECAUSE IT FEELS LIKE 101."-Me discussing Arizona temperatures

"Starts with an 'N'..."-CRAS Instructor

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"Worgen, go home, you're drunk."-Francis
"I am home..."-Me

"I am the guild liter!"-Me
"Don't you mean guild leader?"-random WoW player that I may have frightened
"No, that's Boss Lady. I'm the guild drunk, hi."-me

"Me IRL."