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I Officially Quit Gaia!
i only log on every now and then to check announcements & messages...
It just isn't fun being on here anymore.
Site is going downhill with all this cash crap being shoved in everyones face
Its been a fun 10 years.
Met tons of people i'll never forget <3

Name: Rick

Age: 24

Birthday: 07/14

Height: 5'11"

Location: Michigan

Orientation: f*****t

Status: Single

On Gaia Since: April of 2004

Skype Me: RickR0lled

Steam: RickR0lled

League of Legends: Fluids

3+ Years of Questing
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34% Done
22m / 64m


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Fluids Quest

Devil Tail Quest


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Report | 04/30/2017 7:41 pm


50b dicy tuna helmet?

Report | 10/27/2016 6:54 pm


epic fail hat 2b?
Chef Alexandre K

Report | 10/19/2016 6:54 pm

Chef Alexandre K

They say when someone gets sick to get plenty of Fluidz to get better... but what if it's the Fluidz that makes people so sic? x3
VVindows 95

Report | 10/09/2016 12:20 am

VVindows 95


Report | 10/03/2016 7:26 am



Report | 08/11/2016 2:06 am


What's the lowest you would take for your Dicy Tuna Helmet? Trying to fish and make one is a no go. rofl
Nifty Cloud

Report | 09/28/2014 4:00 pm

Nifty Cloud

Well that
Kind of sucks...
But I understand I got
Tired of Gaia but I kind of
Missed it haha XD mostly for
The friends I had here lol... by any
Chance, do you play black ops 2 on ps3¡¿
Nifty Cloud

Report | 09/28/2014 9:23 am

Nifty Cloud

I just went
Too your profile...
And... uhhh.... what!?
You quit!? DX damn that
Sucks man... T.T
Nifty Cloud

Report | 09/28/2014 9:20 am

Nifty Cloud

Well... I haven't
Chatted with you in
A long while, and I thought
You forgot who I was... haha...

Well that's good too hear
At least you're staying out
Of trouble! CX

Nothing much here...
I've been bored a lot, lately
Though... ugh have xD
Nifty Cloud

Report | 09/26/2014 9:53 pm

Nifty Cloud

I miss you guy!
How've you been...?
Wait do you still remember me? O:


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"We know you've been asking us about fixing fishing, alchemy, and our other app, and we know you want us to return zOMG. So...we decided to give you Geemoji! Just like you guys have always wanted!" ~Gaia rolleyes
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