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Name: Danielle.
I live in:Australia.
I brush:brown/black.
I see through:Hazel.
This works as my personality:
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Apparently this too.
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Somehow this.
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and even this
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Take your pick.

Member of the following internet nations: Dodgers fellowship,Bungies underground army,the 7th column,The herd, Critters.
I'm a massive Nintendo fan.In particular,the Metroid series of games as well as Kirby and pokémon.

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I want this game.
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Finally. Follow the rules of the ponynet.

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Pokemon starts here.

Out of game trainer:
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Art by Dizara
Main team: Glaceon, Milotic, Espeon, Rapidash, Galvantula, Hydreigon
Notable catches:
Johto: Lugia, Suicune, Raikou, Entei, Celebi
Hoenn: Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Latios, Latias, Regice ,Registeel, Regirock, Regigas, Deoxys, Jirachi
Siinoh: Dialga, Palkia, Azelf, Uxie, Mespirit, Rotom, Cresselia, Arceus, Shaymin
Kanto: Moltres, Mew, Articuno, Zapdos, Mewtwo
Isshu: Zekrom, Victini, Cobalion, Thundurus, Kyurem, Virizion, Terrakion, Reshiram, Meloetta, Genesect
Kalos: Yveltal, Zygarde, Volcanion
Alola: Solgaleo, Lunala, Cosmog, Cosmoem, Tapu Koko, Tapu Fini, Tapu Bulu,
Tapu Lele, Necrozma, Nihilego, Buzzwole, Pheromosa, Xurkitree, Celesteela,
Kartana, Guzzlord

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Thanks to all those that made me art.All past,present and future couples art will be displayed here. With names underneath.
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Zombie Nami ^(freebie)
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Demonduck ^(Freebie)
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Tamagotchii girl^(Freebie)
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ii DivineSensation^(Trade:Super powers)
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Sacred Romance^(Paid:20K)
All past,present and future art of just me will be displayed here with the artist and price underneath.
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iLoony lovegood^(Paid 50k)
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Auspicious Rainbow^ (from freebie thread)


Hey hey, no pms asking to rp, random pms, or random friend requests please.
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And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the sound of the elevator reaching the top floor..then promptly blasting itself sideways and out of the building.


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