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Welcome to my profile! My name's Florida Love. You can call me Love, Florida, or Florida Love. (If you're Kat, then Florence is acceptable.) I joined gaia in 2004, on a different account. I'm 25 years old and yes, I do live in Florida.

On gaia, I love hanging out with my friends in our joint art request thread, Sinful Pleasures Host Club and looking for art in the Art Freebies forum. If you'd like to make me some free art, please do. I would love you for it. Feel free to chat with me also. Note: I don't accept random friend requests, so don't ask unless I've gotten to know you first.

I'm married on gaia to my wonderful wifu, Midnight_Caelum. I couldn't ask for a better wifu. I also adore all the friends I've made here. I wouldn't be here right now if it weren't for the love I get from them.

If you wanna know more about me, my profile or anything else, hit the Questions button.
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art gallery

Welcome to my art collection! Click on a thumbnail to see each art piece.
Since my collection has gotten far too large, I've been forced to divide it into parts. This section has been collected during 2014.
If you made me something recently and don't see it here yet, please don't get upset; I usually am behind on getting this updated. Please forgive me.

Other parts of my collection:
2011; Jan 2012-Jun 2012; Jul 2012-Dec 2012; Jan 2013-Jun 2013; Jul 2013-Dec 2013; 2014
((SORRY, really behind on it))


Florida Love

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Hello and welcome to my profile!


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