Alyssa | Gemini | Chinese (maybe a mix but unknown) | Out-going and hyper | 5'5"

    Baking | Drawing | Painting | Working out | Piano | Badminton | Eating 100% of the time | Currently Pokemon Go (Team Mystic!)

    Fun facts
    4 crazy Boston Terriers | Bilingual | Plans to travel the world | Night owl | massive sweet tooth | I love Tim Hortons Ice Caps | BIGBANG | I will dance all night till I'm the last one at a party | Slight OCD | Favorite color is Dark Green

    I'm either on 24/7 on semi-hiatus | You can find me in CB or towns

    For Gaia Uses Only

    SC: flirtteagaia

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You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life. - Albert Camus



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Report | 08/07/2016 7:25 pm


I'm beginning to think you should proofread more often, you also typed "that" instead of "than" rolleyes
There's always an excuse to eat ice cream shamelessly, so don't sweat perspire it.
How soon though, like right now?
I hope you made the most of your stay by the sea.
Nah, these characters are new to the Pokemon series and only exist in PoGo, and their mottos/beliefs don't really matter much.
All it comes down to is what colour you like or which legendary bird you prefer.

I've been sick that past week or two, but I'm slowly recovering!... I think.
Life has been getting pretty busy for me yeah, haha, but usually it's quiet and boring like most others.
Also, there are quite a lot of links, but you asked for it, so

Report | 08/06/2016 7:52 pm


Haha nice, you made me think I stumbled onto your comment page for a second.
I usually keep two tabs open instead of copying the replies.
I love the heat but I hate summer, idk the exact reason but I think it has to do with the fact that I sweat a great deal in summer.
If you're really at a disadvantage location-wise, there are some hacked versions of it that fool the gps into thinking you're somewhere else, but recommend not using it if you can help it.
I just recently wasted a lot of stardust actually because I was strengthening my faves haha.
From what I remember, Valor believes in strength, Mystic believes in analysis and Instinct favours self-faith.
There's a lot of funny memes and fan art I've seen based on the team leaders and their ideologies on tumblr and other parts of the Internet xp

Report | 08/06/2016 4:49 pm


Thank you for your slimes!!

Report | 08/05/2016 7:15 pm


Most days are around 25C actually sweatdrop
When I was a kid I used to live in an area that averaged 32C and that was insane.
I'm surprised you're not catching a lot of things there where you are, whenever I go down to the beach it's like I hit the jackpot.
At my level, my Pokemon are pretty weak compared to other trainers, but I've been more concerned about catching them all than being the strongest haha.
Kinda makes me question why I picked team Valor

Report | 08/04/2016 4:22 pm


I don't see you around very often, so every time I do it's a cause for celebration surprised
Just your usual winter cold really, I've got a runny nose, sore throat, bad cough and a pain in my chest.
Does your aunt live like 10 minutes away from the beach or does she live in an oceanside cottage?
If it's the latter I'm mad jealous, I'd love to have a home by the sea.
I can't imagine your smol island home is fun in the summer aside from the beach, did you guys renovate it already?
My snapchat is "eddiible", just lemme know when you've added me so I know who you are c:
It's cool to brag about your hair btw, having no split ends especially at your length means it's healthy and that's #goals
I think I have split ends lmao.
You wear sunscreen when it's 27C? I don't think you're gonna like it over here then hahaha.
Funny you mention PoGo btw, because
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Report | 08/04/2016 10:28 am


Hey don't sweat it, happens to me sometimes too sweatdrop
Besides, I know you're a busy bee yourself since you're not always around so I don't mind waiting for you to grace me with your attention.
That aside, I'm sick at the moment but I'm on the road to recovery, uni for the semester should be starting soon since its August now and I can hardly wait, and earlier today I got a haircut so I feel fresh as ever smile
I'm also freezing my butt off since it's winter but honestly I prefer this over summer.
Hope things are doing fine in your neck of the woods Alyssa

Report | 08/04/2016 10:19 am


Got it
Should be getting an add from occams.raven/Muffin Man

Report | 08/04/2016 8:44 am


Can I contact you outside of gaia? Just in case I happen to quit because I do miss you sometimes~

Report | 08/03/2016 9:28 pm



i'm doing pretty well! right now i'm gonna get ready for bed so i can try to sleep by midnight
i just moved and started my doctoral internship hue~

i just wanted to let you know
that i am about to add you on snapchat
if thats okay with you!

i'm not on gaia too much recently
and i disabled a lot of things...
i think
i miss some people on here though

how are you
i hope you are doing chamomile
idk why i thought chamomile rhymed with well


Report | 08/03/2016 9:22 pm



hi tea!



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art by me
SC: flirtteagaia