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If John's sleeping, I'm gone for the night!




I registered for 2013 at the end of 2012. By March, I still had heard nothing about my accessing my account. I emailed and was told "that information isn't available yet" and to "keep checking the site."

I posted the following on the forums: "I registered at the end of con last year and have yet to receive access to my account. I've tried emailing, and got what amounted to a blow-off by one Ellie S. Y'all have had 9 months to put that information in your database. Why is this taking so long? When can I expect to access my account?" The thread was deleted.

I got the following message from a mod: "I ask that you be a bit more respectful to staff. What she indicated to you is the state of registration. You can email registration again to confirm that you did indeed register, but you will have access to your account when we have the opportunity to import them into the registration system. For now, importing the accounts is not the priority over other pressing convention matters."

Fanime is not "by fans, for fans" anymore. It's for money. And once they have yours, they don't give a flying flip about you. Stop supporting Fanime. Choose another convention to attend that weekend.


I'm a geek. No secrets there. Got into anime/manga early in high school. Got into tabletop and LARP early in college. Got into Doctor Who a couple years back. Not a big fan of American television, but Person of Interest is changing that. I've got BAs in Journalism and Creative Writing with minors in Japanese and Editing/Publishing. Yes, I'm a little insane. I keep myself busy by crocheting ALL THE THINGS and teaching myself to do nalbinding. I'm more than slightly misanthropic and if that bothers y'all, that's just too bad as I'm not going to change who I am for you.


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Lil Tiny Echo Report | 10/02/2015 12:28 pm
Lil Tiny Echo
Thank you for your purchase! yum_puddi
lividdarkangel800 Report | 09/14/2015 8:53 pm
lol and that comment was aweosme too. rofl
lividdarkangel800 Report | 09/14/2015 8:37 pm
omg your aweosme level is insanely high for naming you llama kin kuzko. omg just had to say you are awesome.
Shes apples Report | 09/14/2015 9:41 am
Shes apples
thank you
Sid the Bear Report | 08/19/2015 8:31 pm
Sid the Bear
Thanks for buying!
calisto91 Report | 07/15/2015 12:06 pm
yw np 3nodding
calisto91 Report | 07/15/2015 10:49 am
thank you so much for your purchase 3nodding
Lord Urizen Report | 09/05/2013 2:10 pm
Lord Urizen
Oh, the avatar? Someone gave me the whole outfit, and it related to an inside joke, so I thought I'd run with it for a bit.
Lord Urizen Report | 08/16/2013 3:23 pm
Lord Urizen
Most Armageddon prophecies forget the clause about the top hat. xd

Ever on the ball as usual, I see. mrgreen
5H0RYUK3N Report | 04/19/2013 1:44 pm
Haha, many thanks! I wasn't even aware of a raffle, so it's news to me, and good news at that. emotion_c8 Just consider my 20,000G a general act of Texan hospitality and go get yourself something nice!

I always enjoy a good opinion, especially a fiery one. +1 for sounding sincere!

Never regret something that once made you smile.