I've been a Gaia Citizen since June,11/07.
I'm 22 years old, heterosexual, Canadian and in a relationship with Mr. Pyong.
Mr. Zeus is my 5 year old guinea pig, aka, my baby ♥
My interests are sleeping, drawing, love stories, spending time with people, listening to music, baking, day dreaming, animals and chatting online too much.
You can see some of my latest art here, or most of it all over my journal.
On the weekends I'm MIA due to work and stuff.
Usually I'm in the chatterbox forum, most likely The Furry Den.
My fursona is a panda obsessed bunny.
I myself am entirely made of flaws, stitched together with good intentions,

Angelface 5vs4 is one of my best friends, definitely the best friend I've ever made on gaia. We've shared over a million messages, many sleepless/late nights, early mornings, broken hearts, tear stained faces, uncontrollable laughs, and beautiful smiles through the past 4 years. We have a Wifey agreement. In which we vowed to take care of each other. When other people who are supposed to be there fail us, and every moment in between. She's my strong and steady, shot of whiskey, shade tree, and honey bee.

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neonmonster4 Report | 03/13/2014 10:23 pm
thank yooooouuuuuu! heart
KatVonSat Report | 02/21/2014 6:26 pm
Thank you ^^
Angelface 5vs4 Report | 01/31/2014 1:45 am
Angelface 5vs4 Report | 01/30/2014 12:50 pm
Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifey are you hoooooooooooooooome yet?!
Angelface 5vs4 Report | 01/28/2014 5:44 am
Angelface 5vs4 Report | 01/16/2014 5:01 pm
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With my love
Phantomthief Jacob Report | 01/09/2014 1:42 pm
Dropping a comment to say you're an awesome person. Never change man, just reading and hearing your song on your profile made my day better.
Sesshy kitty Report | 01/09/2014 12:57 pm
Omg! You look ssho cute, Flawzz! heart Such a hoppity bunny.
Sesshy kitty Report | 01/06/2014 1:19 pm
Aw. But movement is the best part! So they don't move behind the crown?
Sesshy kitty Report | 01/06/2014 11:10 am
You have the moving ears to right? x3 Squee~


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